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Zoek is the quickest and easiest way to find job vacancies online and land your dream job by searching, matching, and applying from thousands of fresh roles. 

As the fastest-growing new job board in India, we utilise unique intelligent job matching technology to match job seekers with relevant employers and job opportunities.  

Our story

Our story is simple! Zoek is a job matching site/app committed to helping people find workdevelop, and grow. Since 2015, we have been working with the best recruitment agencies, direct employers, and NGOs across the UK, helping people into full-time, part-time and contract roles across all industries and sectors. 

Having started in 2015, Zoek has quickly grown on a national level to a service, where passion and purpose come together, and everybody wins. Recognised for over 5+ years in the UK, Zoek now establishes its international presence, with Zoek India. 

What we do 

Redefining the jobs market with a strategic approach, Zoek channels innovative technology and expert knowledge to both candidates and hirers, revolutionising the job search process from start to finish. From the web, to mobile, to social, we help job seekers land their next big career opportunity. Through customised solutions and the most advanced technology, we match the right people to the right job. 

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How we do it 


Hassle-Free Job Search With Your intelligent Job Board

Zoek’s intelligent job matching search engine continually learns from thousands of searches and applications to minimise irrelevant job roles, personalising job results in accordance to the selected key skills, experience and/or job titles. 

Through our unique use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), your key skills get automatically selected and matched to the requirements of our job ads. On top of that, our multi-layered tech triggers automated matches inversely from relevant jobs listed, fitting your experience so that you never miss out on any opportunities! 


Speed Up Your Application Process With Your Smart Job Cart

Our innovative Job Cart feature guarantees to make your application process a whole lot smarter, easier, and faster by enabling multiple job applications instantly. Now you can apply to up to 10 of your favourite roles in just one quick click of a button with your chosen resume, saving you more time to do things you love most! 


Beat The Competition With Your Custom Resume

Are you tired of job sites recreating & ruining your resume format when submitting an application? Are you frustrated by having zero control over the final format of your resume submitted to each employer and annoyed by automated resume converters?  

We appreciate the time and money you’ve spent on creating your resume. With Zoek you can now beat the competition by standing out from the crowd and gaining complete control over your resume application. Applying through Zoek lets you submit your perfect resume application, formatted exactly how you created it! 


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Why choose Zoek?  

We are a team of diverse, creative people, striving to attract quality, well-matched candidates to fill job vacancies. As a people-centric company, we practice what we preach. With a unique blend of strong industry links, unique use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), professionalism and ethos, we know first-hand that adding quality employees to our company is the first step toward a successful, thriving team.

Choosing to work only with the best, defines us. And this is exactly what differentiates us from competition. Specialising in identifying top job opportunities for candidates and top-quality talent for hirers, we are experienced in creating lasting employment partnerships, making work, work for you. 

Our values & mission  

“Our mission is to revolutionise the global job board market through innovative technology, delivering value to hirers and a superlative experience to candidates searching for a new job.” 

We Are Family – We genuinely care! Investing time in connecting with our customers and each other, is essentially what gives us our edge. We always go the extra mile to exceed expectations. 

We Are Positive – If challenges occur, we face them head on with pride, positivity and ownership. 

We Are Results Oriented – We continuously adapt to change and always seek to improve. If it can be done better, we’ll make it happen! 

We Have Integrity – We strive to do what is right by putting people first. 

We Innovate – We prioritise the advancement of new ideas and constantly create value for both our candidates and hirers. 

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Take the next step in your career with Zoek 

It’s not a one-size-fits-all world. That’s why we offer a variety of opportunities from permanent and temporary jobs, to remote and contract, so you can find the work arrangement that fits your needs and right into your lifestyle. 

Understanding the crazy world of job hunting, Zoek can help you through the best avenue to meet your objectives.  

If you’re ready to succeed and want to explore all options available, register on Zoek and download our app available on the Apple App Store for iPhone, and on Google Play for Android to find your next job!