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Zoek Job Seeker FAQ’s

This FAQ page answers the questions we’re most often asked by job seekers using Zoek. So, if you have a question, or have encountered an issue, it’s likely that you’ll find the answer here. Browse the Frequently Asked Questions below and click to reveal quick answers to each, to help provide clarity and solutions.

If you have a job seeker related question that isn’t covered here, you can contact us at and a member of our customer support staff will be happy to assist you.

The ‘Report Job’ feature is a direct way for candidates to report any roles advertised on Zoek which may be in violation of our Terms & Conditions or Job Posting policies. Fraudulent, spam, fake or inaccurate job adverts can be reported by clicking the report button.

Types of Jobs you can report:

Fraudulent/Fake Job – A job that isn’t real, doesn’t exist, or is a scam, meaning there’s indication of a dishonest scheme such as impersonating a real company.

Inaccurate Job – If you spot any indication regarding the salary, location, job description or job title being inaccurate, you can use the report job feature to report the role.

Offensive or Discriminatory Job Content – Jobs that appear to discriminate based on gender, age, race, religion, disability, or any other characteristic can be reported by using this option. Any jobs with inappropriate or explicit content may also be flagged through the Report Job Feature.

Please note, the Report Feature is NOT USED for applying for roles, as your application will not be submitted. It is also not used for general enquiries, technical issues, page reviews, job matching alerts or search results. If you need to contact our support team, please use the ‘Contact Us‘ option available on Zoek’s website.

Once clicking on the Report Job feature, a window will pop up (example shown below).

Zoek job seeker FAQ's showing how to 'Report Job' feature

Please fill in the reason for reporting this role and submit your comment.

No. Zoek DOES NOT operate as a recruitment agency, only as a global generalist job board/site.

What’s the difference?

Job Boards advertise and post jobs on behalf of employers. Zoek as a generalist job board hosts job adverts across all sectors, industries and types in India.

The key difference between a recruitment agency and a job board is that once you’ve applied for the role through a job board, everything involving your application and interview process is the responsibility of the company / employer, you’re applying for.

No. All Resumes should be submitted through Zoek’s platform by clicking the APPLY button shown on each advert and following the process. For more information on how to apply for a job, see Q&A “How do I apply for a job on Zoek?”

In order to apply for a job on Zoek you need to use your Zoek account. If you don’t have a Zoek account, you can create one by registering with your preferred email and password details. Once you verify your account by clicking on the link you have received in your email, log in and complete your personalised profile, adding your job search preferences.

You can also upload your Resume or Cover Letter by clicking the ‘My Documents’ option at the top of the page, and selecting which document type you’d like to upload.

Once you find a job you would like to apply for, click the APPLY button on that role and a new window will pop up to confirm your details. Fill in your preferences accordingly and click apply. Moreover, you can set personalized Job Alerts so that you get all relevant job matches that fit your preferences straight in to your inbox and apply right away!

Note: Please ensure your WORK ELIGIBILITY status is selected and displayed correctly, as upon application submission to the employer, no changes or amendments are available through Zoek’s job board.

Zoek operates as a Job Board. This means that after your application is submitted, each employer is in charge of getting in touch with the candidate for further application updates.

To keep track of all roles you have applied for through Zoek, log into your account and click the ‘My Jobs’ tab. This will display all your saved jobs activity on Zoek.

Select the ‘Applied for’ button to reveal all applications submitted.

Note: By selecting the options ‘saved’ or ‘viewed’ you can also check all saved searches you have performed on Zoek or see the job roles you have recently viewed on the platform.

Zoek operates as a generalist Job Board, and not as a recruiter (see related Q&A “Does Zoek operate as a recruitment agency? ” for further information). This means that after applying through Zoek’s platform, each independent hiring manager is in charge of getting in touch and letting the candidates know of any updates regarding the application progress.

If you would like to request feedback or further details regarding your application, please get in touch directly with the recruiting employer directly.

Saving jobs you are interested in applying to at a later time has never been easier! To save a job, log in to your profile and search for roles you are interested in. Click on the heart icon at the bottom right of the job role you wish to save. Once the heart colour turns red, your job has been saved! You can then view these at a later date in your ‘saved jobs’ section of your Zoek profile.

Yes, although it does depend on what application method(s) are valid for the role in question.

You can apply for a job without a Resume by using the Zoek Instant CV Generator function. Simply click ‘apply’ on the job you are interested in and select the ‘Use Profile (automatically generates a Resume)’ option.

Zoek application method showing an automatically generated CV

Zoek will then create a resume for you, using any information you have filled in your job seeker’s profile.

If you wish to view your generated resume, simply click on your profile icon at the top right corner and select ‘Documents’.  You can easily download your brand new Zoek generated Resume to view by clicking on the ‘Download’ button.

You cannot track the status of your submitted applications, as Zoek operates as a global generalist Job Board and not as a recruiter. Please note that Zoek does not offer an ATS tracking system.

However, you can review all applications you have submitted through Zoek’s platform within your profile section, by clicking on the ‘My Jobs’ button.

We are unable to amend or change any applications that have already been submitted to the employer.

If you need to complete or correct your application, please address this matter to the employer by contacting them directly, referencing your Zoek application.

You can narrow down your job search results to match your exact location preference using our ‘Advanced Search‘ feature. How specific you are is up to you. Remember you can search around a location by choosing a radius of up to 100 miles or select the “This area only” option.

You can also enter your preferred postcode. By clicking on the pin icon on the right side of the search bar, Zoek will instantly pick up your current location.

No. You can’t apply for the same job twice. Once you have submitted an application for a particular role through Zoek, the status will change saying ‘You’ve applied’.

Yes, you can apply for a job in India, advertised on Zoek India from overseas. However, it is up to each employer and hiring manager to consider your application as relevant.

Please note that Zoek encourages applicants who feel they have the right skill-set and set a good match for a role to apply. Furthermore, you can also take a look at jobs on Zoek.UK or Zoek.US.

Yes. Zoek currently operates as a generalist job board, providing opportunities for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as India and the USA.

In order to reset your password, visit the Zoek homepage and click on the Log In button at the top right corner. Then click on the ‘Forgotten your password‘ option.

Fill in the email you have already used to register on Zoek and click the ‘send reset email’ button.

Password reset option on Zoek for those having trouble signing in

Go to your email inbox and click the link to reset your password. By clicking the email link, you will be redirected directly to the Zoek website, where you will be asked to fill in your new password and enter the reset code that was included in your email. Click the ‘reset password’ button to complete this process.

Information box showing the password reset options on Zoek

PLEASE NOTE:  If you haven’t received any reset emails at all, it is likely that you haven’t verified your Zoek profile account. You can do so by finding the Zoek verification email and clicking on the link. Make sure to also check your spam/junk inbox.

Please contact Zoek Enquiries email at: if your password reset link isn’t working, providing further details of the issue.

Please contact Zoek Enquiries email at if you are having trouble logging into your account. Make sure to include further details regarding any errors i.e. screenshots, browser used, app/website.

Log into your account, access your profile settings and click the ‘My Documents’ tab. Click on the ‘Delete’ option to delete any outdated/irrelevant Resumes.

Log into your account, access your profile settings and click ‘Settings’. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the’Close Account’ button.

Information about how to permanently delete your Zoek job seeker account.

Please note: When you delete your profile, all personal information and details are removed from Zoek.

Yes. On Zoek you are able to submit up to 10 applications all at once with a quick click of a button, using our Job Cart Feature! Find your ideal role and click on the Job Cart icon, as shown below, to store them.

Zoek Job Cart icon - pink shopping trolley image

Simply find the next roles you want to apply for and click again on the Job Cart icon. You will notice at the top right of your page the Job Cart number increases.

As soon as you are ready to apply for all of these, click on the Job Cart icon at the top right of the page and submit your applications by selecting ‘apply’!

Please note, this feature is only compatible with Resume applications.

Yes. You can upload multiple Resumes on Zoek. In fact, it is advisable that your Resume is as targeted and personalized as possible to the industry and role you are applying for in order for your applications to be successful.

To upload your Resume on Zoek, log in to your account, access your settings and click on ‘ My Documents’. Then click on the upload button to upload your chosen curriculum vitae.

Log into your account, access your profile settings  and click on the ‘View Profile’ option. You can there edit your details and update your Resume.

Yes, you can use the Zoek Job Search App to apply for jobs on the go!


Zoek operates as a generalist Job board and not as a recruiter. In order to find out more information regarding a particular job vacancy, please get directly in touch with the employer/ hiring manager advertising that job, if they have made their contact details available.

If you are unsure of the right career choice for you, Zoek can help! For career advice, job search tips and guidance, visit our Zoek Info Hub. On Zoek’s Info Hub you can find a whole host of career guides as well as job seeker blogs for further guidance.

You can also use Zoek’s ‘Search with CV‘ feature and let our unique use of Artificial Technology help you. Simply upload your Resume and our A.I. will match you up to relevant jobs!

Zoek’s website and app utilise machine learning technology to store a candidate’s job preferences and match them with the most relevant jobs. Zoek’s software works by understanding a job seeker’s skills, work experience, past employment and preferences in order to create accurate matches. Job seekers are able to filter jobs by a number of criteria, such as location, salary, industry, role type or company type and will receive job matching email notifications when a new role gets posted on the website that matches their preferences. Find out more in our ‘About‘ page.

Yes. On Zoek you are able to search for various roles you may be interested in, simply by adding each one on the ‘What’ search bar on Zoek’s homepage.