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 Career Guide – A career in the Entertainment industry

Published: Saturday 24th October 2020

A career in the entertainment industry may dazzle many, but it takes a lot of effort, training dedication to make it to the forefront where your contributions are recognized. No, becoming an actor or singer is not the only way you can have a successful entertainment career; there are several technical job descriptions and wonderful opportunities that make films and series as exciting and intriguing to watch. Truth be told, the magic lies behind the scenes where extraordinary skills polish the art created by acting professionals.

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If you want to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, our career guide will talk about several of the opportunities that you can explore. An entertainment career becomes more successful when it is planned out carefully and not just a fluke. Read below to know more!

The 7 most lucrative opportunities in different aspects of an entertainment career 

  • On-Screen Artistry: Being an actor or actress requires a lot of skill and practice regarding the technicalities of filmmaking. What one sees on-screen is the product of hundreds of takes, months of hard work, and rehearsals. In the past, actors were picked for only their looks in labeled boxes of roles, but today there is a lot of versatility in the kinds of roles one can pick. To become a successful actor, a background in acting or theatre plays a major role as theatre artists get the advantage of playing complex roles in different settings through popular plays directed by renowned veterans of the entertainment industry. You can look up Asmita Theatre Group of Delhi, Zee Acting Academy, or Anupam Kher’s Acting School as they are popular choices to begin your acting career.
  • Singer or composer: A singer or composer entertainment industry career is the second most popular choice due to the accolades it receives. The presence of music in motion pictures, series, plays, and short films is what makes them so impactful. To become a successful musician in the entertainment industry, you will have to understand and study music in one or many of its forms. There are several schools all over the county that offer formal training along with nationalized examinations and internships for such aspirants.
  • Business: There is a business side to the entertainment industry where you can flourish if you have the right knowledge and skill to expertly traverse through the management end of the operations. A degree in Public Relations or a Management Degree will help you build your portfolio based on the curriculum that you receive regarding your options, such as:
  • Artist manager
  • Artist public relations manager
  • Music or TV producer
  • Judiciary: Film-making and the entertainment industry have several rules and regulations they must adhere to while operating. This career in the entertainment industry gives you a great opportunity to pursue your interest in law if any. You can handle legal suits, paperwork, and matters of the entertainment industry by studying Entertainment Law.
  • Technical Artists: The true heroes of movies are the ones who make the stunning sets with amazingly realistic environments, SFX makeup artists who turn a human into an alien, create CGI effects that bring alternative universes to life, as well as work on the cinematography and editing of the raw material they receive. To study these disciplines, you can pursue their respective degrees at the various film schools of Fine Arts in the country.
  • Screenplay writers: The birth of a story begins in the mind of a screenplay writer. This can be an extremely profitable and rewarding career if you are a great storyteller with a brilliant penchant for imagining out-of-the-box concepts. Screenplay writing, too, is a Fine Arts course, but it requires inbuilt talent to master the skill.
  • Directorship: Becoming a film director, casting director or assistant director are no simple feats because it requires an extreme eye for detail. The world sees movies and hears music from the perspective of the director, which is why they all have unique styles. You can enroll in a diploma or degree in the various kinds of directorship in the entertainment industry, become an apprentice of other directors and then get to a point of creating your own work.  

Now that you have read about the 7 most recognized and high-paying careers in the entertainment industry, which one do you think suits you the best? If you’d like to explore other career options such as a graphic designer or a corporate lawyer, you can visit our career guides for informative blogs.

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