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Career guide: How to pursue a career in data science in India?

Published: Thursday 1st October 2020

With the progress of Artificial intelligence and machine learning in India and around the globe, Data Science is a career choice that is quickly picking up pace. The demand for data scientists is on a steady incline since several tech industries, fintech organizations and government sectors require them to compete with the global competitors. If you’re considering pursuing a data science career, our blog is just the right resource for you to get started on understanding what it takes to make a  career as a data scientist in India.

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Without any delay, let’s start right from the basics.

What is data science?  

Data science is a multidisciplinary approach in a combination of subjects such as statistics, mathematics as well as computer science and  programming languages. Data science is a profession that uses algorithms, codes and tools to assimilate data and provide an explanation to trends in the organization or market behavior and how to cash in on the changing data.

What does a data scientist do?

A career as a data scientist involves providing data to analyse and figure out  specific characteristics and trends in them. By applying an array of techniques, data science professionals make reports explaining these cycles and patterns which can be used by businesses to make the best decisions when it comes to their organization. Data scientists also contribute towards the development of such tools and algorithms, that requires a deep knowledge about programming as well as statistics.  

Why should you explore a data science career?

If you are interested in economy, business, technology and number crunching, data science can give you a very fulfilling opportunity to find your niche. This profession is ideal for those who love to find the pattern in everything and have a keen interest in statistics. Data science is also one of the most lucrative, successful and in-demand careers in the past year, and is expected to be one of the most important professions in the coming years. As technology changes with artificial intelligence and machine learning, the opportunity for people in a career as a data scientist to contribute to organizational growth by calculating trends.  

Eligibility and qualifications needed to pursue a career as a data scientist in India  

To pursue a data science career, you need to have a keen interest in computer science, programming languages, physics, statistics and mathematics. Since this profession involves a lot of number crunching and analytics to generate reports, it is also related to finance and economics. To start a career in data science, you need to have a minimum eligibility of clearing your 12th HSC in the science stream, with knowledge about programming languages. Then, you can start your climb to a data science career through graduating in the courses discussed below.  

Paths to pursue a data science career path  

Making a data science career luckily has several paths that a candidate can take right from their HSC examinations. The routes given below will show you step by step how you can become a data science professional:

  • Route 1: Pursue a Bachelor’s in Computer Science degree → Acquire a certification in Big Data or Data Analytics → Get hired by an organization as a Data Scientist or Engineering intern or employee.
  • Route 2:Pursue a Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics or Statistics degree → Pursue a Master’s in Applied Mathematics or Statistics degree → Attend online courses in various Programming languages and Data Science or Analytics → Build your portfolio by doing projects on platforms such as Kaggle → Interview for data scientist jobs
  • Route 3:Pursue a Bachelor’s in Physics degree → Opt  for online courses in various  Programming languages→ Acquire professionally accredited certificates in Data Science and Machine Learning → Intern at a firm or get hired as a Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer
  • Route 4:Pursue a Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree → Complete your Master’s degree in Data Science, Marketing or Business Analytics → Join an organizations or intern as a Data Analyst   

A career as a data scientist is one of the top most lucrative professiona in the country and globally. It has its fair share of challenges, but the reward, experience and salary package are enough motivation to help you enjoy a futuristic and satisfying career. If you’re looking for more profession options or want to know about the top professions of the country, read our career guide blogs. We are sure it will help you gain more perspective into your professional direction.

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