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Career Guide: How to become a content writer in India

Published: Wednesday 6th January 2021

The marketing industry has been receiving an increasing demand for more and more professionals to join organizations and help them increase their online presence in 2020. The focus this year has shifted to digital marketing, since everyone is working from home while lockdowns and social distancing are the new normal. A content writing career is one of the aspects of this segment and hence, has gathered a lot of interest from freshers.

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There are several myths and misunderstandings related to a content writing career, mainly that it is a simple typing-based job which provides easy money. If you want to pursue a career as a content writer, our blog will cover everything you need to know.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is the art of creating original, well-researched and informative pieces in any given niche, be it finance, marketing, biochemistry, travel, psychology, and others. The content writing career spans across all industries as every organization needs one, whether to publish whitepapers, blogs, articles, press releases, emailers, brochures, social media posts, advertorials, or scripts. An expert content writer can choose to stick to one particular niche, gathering experience by writing powerful copies, or branch out into various genres.

How to become a content writer in India?  

Pursuing a content writing career may be heavily advertised as an overnight success by several workshop holders online, but that is far from reality. Content writing, as contradicted by such advertisers, takes years of practice in writing for a particular genre, be it technology, travel, finance, or economics, for instance. Every niche requires a certain amount of in-depth research to curate a high-quality copy or article to do justice to your client’s requirement. If you have a flair for writing in a certain language and translation expertise, the road will be easier for you with a head start. However, without constant attempts to improve your quality and output, an advantage such as a powerful grip on language can only help you so much. Our advice for new content writing enthusiasts would be to join an internship with an organization or firm to hone your technique and skill while gaining industry experience.

The basic eligibility to become a content writer is to clear your 10+2 examinations. You can proceed to graduate in fields such as arts, commerce, or science subjects, since the profession offers a lot of flexibility. Graduates in commerce and science can become content writers in their respective fields as those are niche in their own leagues. However, a bachelor’s degree in journalism, mass media and others that teach writing techniques will help you write for magazines, press and editorials.

Scope of Content Writing in India

Content Writers can work as both full-time employees with agencies and organizations or freelancers for corporates, start-ups, institutions, and even for individuals. It is a very lucrative field once you establish your niche and have an impressive portfolio.

Some career opportunities for content writers in India and abroad are as mentioned below:

  1. Content Creators/ Developers
  2. Copywriters
  3. SEO Content Writers
  4. Content Strategists
  5. Proofreaders
  6. Content Manager
  7. Academic Writers or Researchers
  8. Brand Journalists
  9. Editors
  10. Subject Matter Experts
  11. Bloggers
  12. Curriculum Designer
  13. Social Media Specialists
  14. Instructional Designers
  15. Technical Writers
  16. Content Developer
  17. Video Content Creators

 Courses/Certifications For Content Writing

Content writing has an increasing scope in digital marketing, advertising, and the online world; hence we would recommend that you join a short course online or offline to sharpen your writing skills and learn specific niche tricks that pertain to specific genres of content writing. You will find several courses covering SEO content, Creative writing, Ghostwriting, Instructional Design, Press Release, Editorial writing, Business writing, Report and Research Writing, and Copywriting to state a few. Since all of them will add to your knowledge base immensely, you can start by taking up a basics of content writing course and build up from there.

There are several amazingly educational courses available both offline and online domestically and abroad that you can enroll yourself into, such as:

  1. IIEDM, Mumbai
  2. Leads Academy, Multiple Locations
  3. TBS The Brand Salon, Mumbai
  4. Inventateq, Bangalore
  5. Content Knock Out, Bangalore
  6. Digital Academy 360, Bangalore
  7. Udemy Content Writing Course (Online)

Even though the market is full of easy-fix content writing career options, there is much more to it than typing to earn money. To make a solid career as a content writer, you need to be relentless and well-informed in your respective field. Just like every other career, consistency, work experience and dedication to do better will get you to the top content writing and digital marketing agencies. If you think you want to explore more careers such as digital marketing and graphic designing, you can visit our career guide to read extensive blogs about your employment options!

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