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Top 5 tips to increase employee productivity while working from home

Published: Friday 28th August 2020

The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic has hit the global economy in several aspects. Apart from businesses having to forcibly shut down or slow down operations, there has been a massive cash crunch, leading to salary cuts as high as 30 per cent of an organization’s employees. The Covid-19 has forced companies to adopt the work from home culture, which has a huge effect on employee productivity.

While the work from home and remote operations may bring a lot of changes to an organization’s style, method and system of working, there is always a potential to make the best of the situation. Several companies are making headway by turning this challenge into a wonderful opportunity, and the credit goes to the employees working tirelessly to accomplish the targets set by the company. Although it is not easy to maintain a balance without the physical environment of a corporate office, there are best practices that employers and workers can follow to increase employee productivity. In fact, several companies have seen a jump in productivity after implementing work from home!

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Following are five useful tips to increase employee productivity in their professional performance:

1. Establish a rhythm to your working hours:

As employees, working remotely can give you flexible working hours, but working at random times during the day can create irregularities between your work and personal life. It is best that you create a routine that fits you best to get the most out of a day to increase employee productivity while working from home. For instance, keep your working hours consistent during the week unless there is an emergency. Show up to your homework station just the way you would at your corporate office. Dressing professionally has proven to put you in a productive state of mind where lethargy and diversions are minimal. Take short breaks of five minutes between every hour of work. The key to increased productivity is consistency.

2. Avoid distractions during work hours:

It is imperative that you create a designated workstation at home with minimal distractions. Turn your social media notifications to ‘do not disturb’ mode to avoid unnecessary scrolling. Instead, leave this for the breaks you have scheduled.  If you’re working from a home with children, consider the ways to keep them occupied throughout the day as you work. It is always a great thing to partner-up with your spouse or any elders living with you to take turns and care for children during working hours so that you can give your job the best output.

3. Team building exercises:

As employers, it is your responsibility to keep the team working like a well-oiled machine without being physically present in one unit. Scheduling team building activities can be a welcome change to shake off the stress and anxiety accompanied by such uncertain times. This will keep your employees entertained and in sync with each other to help with group coordination.

4. Encourage employees to lead healthy lifestyles:

While everyone is working from home, falling into an unproductive rut is easier than you think. A healthy approach to life can help to increase the overall productivity of employees. Encourage them to eat well, sleep well and workout from time to time. Several companies have organized daily workout lessons over Zoom and other mass streaming sites where employees can gather to meditate, practice yoga or any other form of exercise. Schedule a therapist to help employees struggling with their mental health. Being physically and mentally healthy when stuck at home is one of the most important aspects of productivity.

5. Task scheduling, planning, and motivation:

Working remotely becomes simpler when there are project management systems to schedule, delegate, plan and execute tasks. Take the time to conduct regular project reviews to brainstorm and check the progress of a given project. Most of all, your words of encouragement can boost the morale of employees. Acknowledge their efforts and reward them to keep them motivated to do better. The productivity of human resources is based on their levels of motivation and direction, both which can be helped by maintaining consistent communication.

When the going gets tough, the tough ones get going! If these tips for those remotely working to increase productivity helped you, our info hub and hirer blogs will help you immensely. We have a collection of topics relating to industrial best practices and organizational growth on our portal.


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