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10 Employee appreciation ideas for boosting their morale

Published: Thursday 26th November 2020

Male Boss presenting gift box to a female colleague as a employee appreciation

Appreciation ideas for employee teams are one of the most searched for topics by HR professionals due to the constant need for change and fresh concepts to keep things fun at a workplace. The global pandemic caused by COVID-19, employees and teams working remotely have been through a grand wringer, working overtime and bending over backwards to help their organizations reach their business goals.

If you are looking for appreciation ideas for employee motivation, our blog will help you cover all the bases using the 10 best selections.

Without any further delay, let us begin!

  • Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries: When your employees are working from home or office, the little things such as acknowledging their birthdays or important anniversaries play a vital role in making them feel seen and cared for. Celebrating these moments with a small team gathering during lunch break, a video call, a heartfelt message along with a cake, gift hamper and greeting card or even sending them a gift card goes a long way. Small tokens of such gifts allocated from the employee welfare budget will leave a lasting smile in their hearts.
  • Bring back thank you notes: The power of expressing gratitude is underrated but cannot be stressed upon enough. Go old school and leave thank you cards, just because! Your employees are working to the best of their capacity, fighting personal fights they may not talk about. Leaving a heartfelt note thanking them for their contribution and being a part of your business family will show them how much they really matter and that they are supported.
  • Reward targets achieved through individual and group incentives: Allocating individual and group incentives for employees and teams that achieve set targets, acquire new deals, and exceed benchmarks is a great way to boost their morale to do better. It will also help inculcate healthy competition to make the other employees and teams feel motivated to do better. Group incentives could include resort trips, or outings and activities that further help the team bond.  
  • Give your employees a choice and voice: The biggest way to show appreciation towards your employees is to give them a choice as to how they would like to be shown appreciation. One of the most effective employee appreciation ideas is to listen to them and provide them an equal opportunity to come forth with creative ways that would strike a chord rather than sticking to token gifts. Hear their concerns and grievances out and actively work on it to show that you truly care.  
  • Wall of fame: Do not dismiss the idea of having a wall of fame so quickly. Not only does it showcase the achievers of the organization, but it can also be used in a rotational manner so that every employee and team gets to be the focus for a certain time, say, the month. Walls of fame are old school and traditional, something that can be part of your organization’s legacy.  
  • Surprise treats: Treat your employees randomly with small goodies attached to little appreciative notes to show that they are never forgotten. These can act like quick mood elevators, boosting their self-esteem and brightening their day!  
  • Occasional themed get-togethers: Month-end and quarterly parties at the workplace are a great way to unite all the employees and teams to help them socialize within the organization and network while loosening up a little. Setting unique themes will keep these events spontaneous, exciting, and something everyone looks forward to.  
  • Career based and creative rewards: Who says you cannot mix creative employee appreciation ideas with career-based rewards? Give the most promising teams and employees a chance to be mentored by an industrial leader by setting up an exclusive certified workshop or training session to help them climb their career ladder.  
  • Staff lunch: Staff lunches where for once the members eat together rather than at their desks is a small yet nice way to show them, they are cared for. Good food can win everyone over, and this case is no exception.  
  • Encourage their educational aspirations: Help your employees reach their educational goals by sponsoring a part of or completely their educational degree. This can be done as part of internal quality retention for highly productive employees.

As we approach the end of the year, it is necessary to understand that everyone is holding on through whatever means necessary, which is why their morale needs some boosting using creative employee appreciation ideas. The functions of the HR includes formulating new appreciation ideas for employee teams so that they stay on top of their respective games; our hirer blogs will give you better insights into hiring and HR procedures.

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