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Working efficiently during COVID-19: 5 employee wellness ideas for managing a remote team

Published: Sunday 18th October 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has shut down most of the corporate offices while forcing organizations to implement work from home for the sake of all their employees’ safety. While remote working has proven to be more efficient in terms of cost saving and productivity, organizations need to take an initiative to come up with good employee wellness ideas to keep them going through these challenging times. When social distancing is at play, most of your organization’s employees have been faced with a drastic change in their schedules and lifestyles. From not being able to visit their loved ones and places they frequented to salary cuts and their work life leaking into their private lives, there are a few things an organization can add to their employee wellness program to ensure that the staff are cared for mentally, physically and emotionally.

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Our blog today will give you a few employment wellness ideas that you can inculcate in your employee wellness program to help them feel seen and heard even though they are operating remotely.

  • Make your own fitness challenges: Coming up with fun ideas to challenge all your remote teams to step up their fitness is a great way to kickstart your employee wellness program. You can plan quirky fitness challenges that are easy enough to carry out while encouraging workers to move around and break some sweat. Not only does this directly affect their mental health, it also acts like a great stress buster to shake the negativity off. Leading a sedentary lifestyle can be harmful for anyone, while being isolated working behind a machine can cause a social disconnect. These workout challenges on Zoom will keep the team spirit burning bright, while involving their families and kids in such challenges will also create a feeling of unity.
  • Provide for your employee’s mental health: Having a team of counselors for your staff is a great employee wellness idea. Working without a lot of socializing, outings and constant pressure of the world news packed in with work related stress can be anyone’s undoing if they have no emotional outlet. Having professional counselors to help employees navigate these unpredictable times will help them stay motivated. Several of your employees may shudder from depression or anxiety disorders among other mental health issues they do not discuss. Having a counselor or few will help them process their emotions better when therapy costs have skyrocketed in 2020.
  • Host virtual lunches and get-togethers: Hosting lunches and virtual get-togethers once a month or more often than that will create an opportunity for your staff to hang out and socialize outside the confines of the work environment. This is an important aspect of team building where employees can all get together over Zoom with their respective families and enjoy a light moment together. It serves as a reminder of how there is unity in the organization. To host a lunch within teams, you can sponsor hot meals to reach employees safely at their doorstep by coordinating with the eateries or a chain in the zone.
  • Encourage your remote team to take breaks: While your employees are burning the midnight oil trying to get the organization back in the game and keep the productivity levels high, it is your responsibility to remind them that taking breaks is necessary for their health. Send notifications, emails or call them personally to enquire about their health, appreciate their efforts and remind them to take time off if they have not been doing that.
  • Ensure your remote team has all the tools required to improve their productivity: Equipping your remote teams with all the tools that they need to stay productive and healthy is an essential employee wellness aspect. Having a selection of learning courses, fitness programs, holistic health development tools and more will create a positive environment for the remote teams where they feel cared for without the need to send tens of emails. Making work and life convenient for them is directly proportional to the results you will receive.

Considering the tips given above, plan your employee wellness program in a way that covers their workplace productivity, socializing skills, mental, physical, and holistic health. We assure you that your employees will return to work with a greater sense of purpose and loyalty with these ideas in place. To understand more about work conducted during post COVID-19 pandemic, read our hirer blogs and info hub!

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