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5 Positive employee feedback examples and how to use them

Published: Sunday 14th March 2021

Manager giving feedback to young employee

If you are a manager, giving employee feedback is an integral part of your job role. Your employees can benefit from the input, and this can help them tread in the right direction.

 If you are wondering how to give feedback to an employee, here are some examples that can help you.

 Positive Employee Feedback Examples

 An employee feedback example is to focus on your employees’ strengths and avoid advising on how to improve. However, it is suggested that you should give positive feedback much more than providing constructive feedback. This will help your employees know that they are doing a good job.

 Adapt these positive feedback examples as per the situation, and your employees are sure to feel comfortable and perform their best.

Employee Feedback

Example #1

 We often encounter star employees who are best at anything they do. Be it closing deals, achieving targets, being productive, or boosting the team’s morale, they somehow manage to do it all. You can start by analysing their goals and appreciating their efforts. Then you can express your trust in them and say that you were sure of them achieving this laurel.

 Acknowledge their hard work and tell them how they brilliantly manage to close the last few deals. Go ahead and applaud their negotiation skills and how they went the extra mile for their work. Also, let them know that the company is indebted to them for their efforts, and they have an attitude that perfectly reflects the company’s statement. This is an essential employee feedback that will boost the morale of your employees and help them deliver outstanding results.

Example #2

 Helping out co-workers is something that often goes unnoticed. It is an excellent opportunity to recognize this and appreciate it. If a particular employee has gone out of the way to help his/her co-worker, you can express your gratitude and tell them that they are an embodiment of how teamwork looks like. Further, go ahead and tell them that their helpful nature is a key company value, and you acknowledge their effort.

Example #3

 A demanding project or a change in productivity metrics can lead to employees working overtime. Noticing this and appreciating their efforts is employee feedback you should not miss on.

Start by saying that you have observed them working overtime for the last couple of weeks. Applaud their efforts, dedication, and energy they bring to the team. Also, let them know how positive their contribution has been to the project and the company. Tell them that you are all praises for their great work and appreciate their input. Lastly, extend your support and suggest that they avoid burning out, and they can seek your help as and when needed.

Example #4

Brainstorming sessions often bring out great ideas. Some employees give suggestions that, if applied, can change the direction of your project. Start out by saying that the changes they suggested in the project were superb. Further, take time and explain how it impacted the customer and led to expediting a few processes, which was earlier not possible.

Also, appreciate them for their out-of-the-box thinking and tell them you look forward to such innovative ideas.

Example #5

There are situations where your employees go out of the way to suggest improvements. A perfect way to give that employee feedback is to applaud them and make sure their contribution does not go in vain. Tell them how their suggestions were not only smart and innovative, but it is also a reflection of their great work ethic. Moreover, you can appreciate them in front of your team and set their work as an example for others to follow.

These were some of the feedback examples that you can use to express gratitude towards your employees. This will help boost their morale and support their initiatives.

 Furthermore, if you use these employee feedback examples, you will gradually better communicate with your employees.

Moreover, whenever you need to give some constructive feedback, you will already have built a rapport with your employees. They will know that you appreciate their work and will take your feedback as a positive suggestion.

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