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5 types of pre-employment tests conducted by employers

Published: Sunday 27th September 2020

If you are already employed or are looking for a job, you may have come across the term “pre-employment testing”. This is a protocol followed by several small, medium, and large organizations before they hire a candidate to ensure that they are the right person for the job.

To be able to pass this round of testing by the employers, you need to understand in what ways you can be appraised.

This blog will answer all your questions by addressing the meaning of a pre-employment screening test, why they are conducted and the various types of pre-employment tests that you can expect to face while job seeking.


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What is pre-employment testing?

A pre-employment screening test is a centralized method for an organization to gauge whether a candidate is fit for employment with them. This involves them acquiring document information regarding your competence and task performance at a job. Many organizations may place the requirement of a pre-employment test before the interview process to save time and energy during the hiring process.

Why do employers conduct pre-employment tests?

There are 3 major reasons why hirers conduct pre-employment tests, namely:  

  • To speed up hiring: Human Resources departments do not like lengthy hiring processes because it consumes a lot of time and capital. The process of pre-employment tests takes out the chaff from the wheat, leaving candidates who will make a good fit for the company while eliminating those not qualified or competent enough to apply.
  • To hire quality candidates: Hirers may be searching for traits in their prospective candidates, which can be filtered through such pre-employment screening tests. The overall quality of the interviews is also noticed to be elevated due to screening tests as only candidates who are a close or perfect initial match on paper are let into the interview rounds.
  • To test a candidate’s skills: Testing the basic skills of the applicant such as their Emotional Quotient, personality type, or cognitive development required for the job can be done easily with the help of such screening tests.  

What are the 5 types of pre-employment tests? 

  • Personality Test: Do you have the ideal personality of the employee a company is seeking to hire? This pre-employment test consists of a series of situational and conditional questions that can be scored by a candidate on either a scale of 1-10 or the likelihood of the statement being true for the candidate. Since there is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions, one cannot fake their personality. Take a look at this personality test for better understanding.
  • Job Knowledge Test: This test does exactly as the name suggests; it gauges the knowledge you have about the job position you have applied to be hired for. To clear this test, you can research your future job well to understand the functions, skills, and role. Having a precious work experience in the same role or industry will help a lot, since the employer is trying to understand if you are applying for the correct job.
  • Emotional Intelligence Test: This is one of the progressive tests that are gaining popularity in the industry. An emotional intelligence test is to understand the level of your Emotional Quotient. You may face questions that are situational in nature, for instance, ethical dilemmas.
  • Skills Assessment Test: This test can be considered as a small technical level test which will check up on your basics of the field you are applying to work in such as finance or technology. For instance, if you are a content writer, you may be asked to write a sample.
  • Cognitive Ability Test: Cognitive ability pre-employment tests are taken to gauge whether a candidate is competent enough to handle complex situations at work. In a nutshell, this test checks your critical thinking skills. You can prepare for this test by practicing samples of aptitude tests such as CAT, MBA-CET.

Now that you know what a pre-employment screening test is and the types of tests you could be subjected to, you can prepare yourself for what is to come. Why stop just there? To start with, you can prepare yourself for a telephonic interview or learn how to explain a gap in your employment. Sharpen your interviewing skills and resume presentation with the help of Zoek!

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