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5 ways to increase employee job satisfaction

Published: Thursday 19th August 2021

Employee job satisfaction is defined as how content employees are with their job. It is important that your employees feel happy in their roles as it can affect the quality of their work, how engaged they are, and the speed at which they complete tasks. Here are 5 ways to increase employee job satisfaction that you can implement for your workforce. 

Employee job satisfaction shown in an image.

How communication can improve employee job satisfaction

Communication is key with your employees. This will help build work relationships and ensures that work gets done in a timely manner and by set deadlines. It is best practice to lead by example and communicate openly with your team. This can in turn help make them feel confident in being open and honest back to you. This helps you to get a better understanding of your team and what they could potentially need to do their job better, which in turn can increase employee job satisfaction

You can implement this by having frequent team updates. This ensures that everyone in the business is kept up to date with performance. For example, job satisfaction in HRM can be achieved by having one-to-ones questioning how their week is going and if there are any setbacks or notable achievements to share.

Offer opportunities for learning and development

One of the most important things for employees is the opportunity to learn and develop. This is a bonus for both of you. Not only will this indicate that you care about their professional development. But they are then able to develop their skill-set to keep them stimulated. It can also help your business as your workforce will be able to branch out into other areas.  

You can increase employee job satisfaction by scheduling time with your employees to discuss their development and if there are any areas that they would like to focus on as part of a personal development plan (PDP). Outline what types of support, courses, or other training is available to them.

A team working together after feeling employee job satisfaction.

Recognize your employees good work

Recognition can play a big part in an employee’s happiness at work. When they don’t feel their hard work is truly appreciated, they may be tempted to make a move to another company. It may be harder to do this with people remote working but it can be something simple like providing regular feedback or praising hard work 

One of the job satisfaction strategies you could implement is to create a weekly or monthly email update to your team explaining all the positive things and good work that has occurred in that time period. 

Be realistic with employee workloads

Another important factor for employee job satisfaction is recognising that your team are likely to want to maintain a healthy work life balance. If you are overworking them and it leads to an unhealthy balance, their mental health can suffer and you could lose them.! Ensure that you are delegating work fairly and that it does not overwhelm your team. 

Be sure to check in on everyone to see how they are feeling about their workloads. You can check to see if there is anything you can do to support them. You want to make sure they feel heard and that you will act on their feedback if possible.  

Clear career path

The fifth and final way you can improve employee job satisfaction is to communicate with your employees to discover what their career path is within the company. Most people will want to be able to work towards new goals and envision where they fit in within your company’s future. Having this discussion will show them that you are invested in them and their future with you.

The best way to implement this is to organize a meeting to discuss what job title and associated responsibilities they would like to work towards. Afterward, schedule regular meetings to discuss targets and goals. This ensures they are heading in the right direction for that promotion!


The common theme in all of 5 of these strategies is to maintain a close relationship with your employees. You want to make sure that they feel heard. If you follow these steps it will help increase employee job satisfaction within the workplace. 

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