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What are the 9 best qualities of HR manager?

Published: Sunday 30th August 2020

Unless an HR manager understands the making of an ideal professional in their job position, they won’t be able to do justice to their managerial duties. To succeed at their job it is important they take stock of the top qualities of HR manager  and inculcate the best practices to be successful at setting and achieving their human resources department’s objectives.

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This blog will address the qualities of an HR manager and what makes an ideal professional.

1)    Practical Knowledge And Expertise: One of the defining qualities of an HR manager is an extensive educational background in the functions of the HR department. This is attained through a master’s degree in Human Resources Management that teaches an HR manager to keep up with trends, display integrity, implement ethical policies and have the best HR practices in place. This requires years of discipline and dedication along with practical experience. 

2)    Excellent Presentation Skills: As an HR manager, the professional will be expected to deliver compelling presentations on a regular basis to different segments of audiences, be it bosses, subordinates, or juniors. An engaging presenter keeps the conversation lively to retain the focus of all attendees. By crunching data and numbers accurately, they stick to the point and deliver impactful messages in a short duration. 

3)    Multitasking: Every professional working at a managerial position understands the importance of multitasking effectively. There will always be a list of ten things that simultaneously require the HR manager’s attention; it is a great quality of HR managers to be able to prioritize and delegate tasks on their list while getting great results. 

4)    The Understanding to Deal with Gray Areas: There are several gray areas in the policies of the HR department pertaining to harassment, discrimination, bias, or reasonable accommodation. It is the duty of the HR manager to be able to discern what the best approach to a tricky situation is by using the wisdom they have. Ultimately, an HR manager must decide how much effort and dedication they are willing to put to solve “gray area” matters.

 5)    Strong Core Values of Integrity and Ethics: Integrity and a sense of strong ethics are the ultimate display of HR manager qualities. By having strong core values, a manager proves that they are worthy of holding their office and sunning a department consisting of a huge number of staff. Their ethics and integrity shows through the small and big decisions made where they decide to strike a balance between the wellbeing of the staff and the organization while adhering to all the labour law compliances.

 6)    Effective Communication Skills:  Communication is the backbone of an organizational structure. An HR manager acts as a conduit between the other departments and the staff and vice versa. By practicing active listening, they can understand the needs and opinions of the organization’s employees. By communicating effectively, the manager can give clear instruction and direction regarding goal setting. Negotiation is also among the qualities of HR managers that help them acquire new talent.

 7)    Leadership Qualities: Leadership qualities can be simply defines as the ability to take an initiative to guide the team in the best possible direction to gain their professional and organizational goals. It also requires the HR manager to step in line before his employees to make risky yet profitable decisions. Since there is no instruction manual to leadership, an HR manager lets their inner compass be their guide.

 8)    Charisma and The Ability to Keep Employees Motivated: Being charismatic helps an HR manager to be more approachable regarding grievances and fresh ideas. Understanding how to establish a reward-based system to keep the employees motivated is also a great skill for an HR manager to acquire.

 9)    Conflict Management and Courage: There are conflicts that come up in the HR department and the rest of the employees from time to time. This could be regarding employee policies, a conflict between two employees or inter-departmental friction. Conflict management skills in an HR manager will help immensely to smooth out differences and keep the show going.

We hope the nine best qualities of HR managers mentioned above helped you understand how to hone your skills to be better prepared for the job. Zoek’s info hub is dedicated to bringing you the best blogs from a professional perspective to sharpen your skills.

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