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6 Best candidate pre-selection tools to use in your hiring process

Published: Sunday 14th February 2021

The job market has become over-competitive over the past few years. Studies by MRINetwork, Glassdoor, and McKinsey suggest that companies are finding it harder to attract top performers. Moreover, they are also struggling to fill in positions in under 12 weeks successfully. So, what can be done to ensure that you get the right staff? Well, all you need to do is invest in some good pre-selection tools. A candidate selection tool collects data about candidates’ skills and characteristics through various platforms. Thus, helping you make data-driven and informed decisions. Some of the tools even allow you to create automated workflows and communications. This, in turn, helps you save time and provide your candidates a smooth and streamlined experience during the recruitment process. Here is a list of some of the best candidate pre-selection tools that can simplify your job.

1. Harver

Harver is one of a candidate pre-selection tools that helps companies predict job performance and select the best people for the job. Through custom-designed situational judgment tests and assessments, Harver can highlight the best candidates and even rank them based on the job role. Moreover, it uses data science to predict candidates’ quality by their culture fit, soft skills, aptitude, and the ability to succeed throughout their career in the role. You can even choose to upload company videos and brand the assessment experience your way. Moreover, you can even create automated workflows to shortlist candidates meeting certain criteria and even schedule interviews with them. Harver can assist companies in retail, customer service, hospitality, BPO, and financial services with improving their candidate selection process.

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2. HireSelect

HireSelect is a leading online pre-employment platform that tests candidates before moving them to the next hiring process phase. The USP of HireSelect is its testing features. You can choose to test candidates on their personality, aptitude, skills, and job relevance before they move onto the next hiring round. The tool also provides you with a blind hiring feature, allowing you to hide your applicants’ names and email addresses. HireSelect also supports many different languages like French, Chinese, German, Hindi, Spanish, and Japanese. This can be useful if you wish to hire a remote team that is spread across the globe. Another interesting feature is the blind hiring feature. It allows you to hide the names and email addresses of your applicants.

3. AssessFirst

AssessFirst is a candidate selection tool that is built on automatic grading. As candidates flow into your hiring funnel, they are graded and compared to each of the other potential hires. Then only they are shortlisted. AssessFirst has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to identify candidates and employees who can succeed and fulfill the job role you are looking for.

4. is a tool that is based on AI and psychology. It gives hiring managers the technology to build a talent database that helps align people with their business objectives. Moreover, it also helps measure a candidate’s talent based on their innovation, adaptability, and communication skills. It is geared towards enterprise companies looking to cut hiring acquisition costs and bias towards the hiring process. provides the data needed to implement a talent strategy that works for them without wasting your hiring manager’s day.

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5. The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index offers a behavioral assessment and a cognitive assessment. It works on a subscription-based model, and you can use it to drive your people to be at their productive best. Similar to other tools, it uses assessments to find suitable candidates. It also combines comprehensive workshops and even includes expert consulting to supercharge the hiring process. It even gives you tools like management strategy guides, personal development charts, and team dynamics reports to ensure your best employees stay for the long haul.

6. OutMatch

OutMatch is a tool that drives hiring based on analytics and candidate assessments. It is a cloud-based candidate pre-selections tool that can predict employee performance. It is based on their strengths, weaknesses, and competencies—the assessments test candidates on traits such as numerical reasoning, personality, and logical reasoning. OutMatch has an interview feature that can also judge a prospective candidate on their competency and unique behavioral characteristics. Moreover, you can also link OutMatch to any existing applicant tracking systems(ATS). Some of the tools you can integrate OutMatch include Oracle Taleo & TBE, PeopleFluent, talentReef, SmartRecruiters, UltiPro, and Workday.

These were some of the pre-selection tools that can be used in your hiring process to simplify it. Did we miss out on your favorite tool? Share your experience in the comments below!

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