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The 5 top candidate assessment tests hiring agencies should use

Published: Sunday 6th September 2020

A hiring agency plays an important role to connect the best candidates with an organization. The future output of the said company depends on the qualities and skills of their hired staff. For this reason, several companies resort to using the help of a hiring agency to conduct candidate assessment and selection; it saves them time and herculean efforts of conducting recruitments independently.

Hiring managers discussing a candidate Assessment

Our blog will discuss five check points that can be called assessments, pre-employment tests, surveys or candidate background checks; these are meant to help you pick the right person to help you with employee retention, productive results and a mutually beneficial relationship.

  1. Recruitment Criteria Assessment: Since each organization has its own list of recruitment criteria such as qualifications, years of experience, certifications, location, package offers and working conditions, it is best to mention all these factors clearly while making announcements for active recruitments on job listings and job hunt websites. This acts as an initial filter to receive applications that match the description and checkboxes mentioned to avoid wasting time in fine combing resumes.
  2. Knowledge and Expertise Assessment: Once the resumes are shortlisted, it is necessary to test the knowledge of the candidate through some form of interview. This is important because several candidates can resort to fabricating their details on the resume, leading to a waste of money and time on the agency and organization’s part if the employee turns out to be incompetent for the job once hired. Usually, there are one or more rounds of telephonic, video-call or in person interviews to help filter and shortlist candidates who match their knowledge as per the organization’s expectations.
  3. Values and Vision Assessment: While knowledge and skill are essential to test, so are a candidate’s values, ethics, and vision. This test is meant to determine whether a candidate and the organization an agency is hiring for have goals and values aligned to work well in the long term. The test can include questions with ethical dilemmas, integrity, consistency and things like tardiness and eloquence. These may seem inconsequential but play a huge part of the success of an employee in an entry-level, client-facing, customer service or information sensitive job. The candidate assessment test may be an interview to challenge the ideals of the candidate to see how they would react in certain circumstances, where their body language can be observed for bluffs and authentic gestures.
  4. Technical and Soft Skills Assessment: As both of these skills hold importance for a recruiter, you can create a test where the knowledge of the candidate is verified on the basis of its application while also gauging soft skills such as communication, creativity and more. A presentation or sample that avoids any logistical issues for the test would work well to give you an idea whether the candidate has the appropriate skills to meet your expectations. For instance, if you are hiring an accountant, you can ask them for their assessment or ask them to create departmental budgets using a sample statement of accounts. For testing soft skills, you can use a situation-based personality test.
  5. Leadership and Competence Assessment: Leadership skills are necessary for any administrative level or managerial job. If you are looking to hire a candidate for a senior level position, assessing leadership qualities such as goal setting, empathy, discernment, self-awareness, listening skills, time management, conflict resolving, multitasking and others. Some people are inherently equipped with leadership skills and the others learn through seasoned experience. A test for leadership assessment can have a hypothetical situation where the candidate is tested on all the criteria important for a leader in your organization.

Looking for your first or thousandth employee can be just as complex a process if you don’t have the correct assessment procedures and tools in place for hiring. When there is such a lot of capital spent on recruiting and training employees, it is important to have the right controls in place to hire authentic and talented candidates. Using the five candidate assessment tests mentioned above in our blog in a combination of phone interviews, video interviews, trial-based project performance and more, you will be able to effectively sort and filter genuine staff that would add value to your client’s organization. To learn more about recruitment tips and guides, follow our hirer blogs!

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