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Virtual hiring: How to continue hiring post pandemic

Published: Sunday 6th September 2020

Since the pandemic has shaken up the global economy and the systematic approach to employment we had before, the organizations are adapting to the new normal of remote operations. The process of hiring a candidate or several is considered one of the most important functions of the HR department, but how can they go about adding valuable employees when the old ways cannot work anymore?

Virtual hiring needs to be embraced by organizations since it brings a great opportunity to find talented personnel, now that location is not a major concern. One virtual hiring benefit is that you can now hire someone living in a different part of the geography that could bring in great value to the company!

A HR professional in conversation with an applicant during virtual hiring

In this blog, we will discuss how to continue virtual hiring post the pandemic period and modify the processes to fit remote hiring.

 Is It Time For You To Hire Employees Virtually? 

As per industrial observations, it has been noted that virtual hiring tools are at the back of the priority list of organizations, which include remote meeting tools. Till the offices came to a complete standstill earlier in 2020, tools like Zoom or Skype were not encouraged because they were assumed to skip team bond building. Also, HR professionals and employees felt like they had a hard time onboarding virtually due to lack of employee engagement.

Now that we have crossed that bridge, we know that better ways exist and virtual meetings can be just as productive, if not more.

The IT industry serves as a great example of success through remote working processes; professions as complex as AI developers and data scientists successfully integrate with their teams virtually while being more productive working remotely.

 How To Adapt To Virtual Hiring?

There are a few factors to be mindful of while shifting to virtual hiring processes as explained below:

  • Consider Using An Existing Candidate List: Every organization has an existing list of candidates from the past recruitment drives conducted by them. This could prove to be a gold mine for your organization if utilized properly. Before you start a fresh recruitment drive from scratch, check up on the best prospects from the past lists and approach them with the opportunity. To track their professional status and progress, LinkedIn or other hiring portals are a good channel to visit their profiles.
  • Spread The Word: Since several worthy candidates were job hunting before the pandemic occurred and several candidates were laid off during the pandemic, you have a good opportunity to grab the best fit for your company. Make it well known that you are actively hiring by posting advertisements on social media platforms, recruiting portals and other mediums to reach the maximum number of prospective candidates.
  • Plan A Well-Detailed Staff Hiring Procedure: Plan and configure a hiring procedure that works well in your favour with very less room for error. Streamlining processes to individual task forces such as screening, verification, interviewing, sampling and negotiating will help immensely. Keep your protocol and criteria clear so you don’t waste time. Using teams designated to sending prompts to the candidates to video interview links, form to be filled and test moderation is a great way to avoid confusion.
  • Chart Down A Realistic Offer: Hiring during a global crisis changes circumstances since every employee is looking for job safety. Make sure that your offer is realistic and offers permanent benefits that are competitive as per the industry standards. If you are considering moving back to an office space post-pandemic, make that clear as well to be sure you and the candidate are on the same page.
  • Look Out For Effective Remote Working Expertise: Remote working efficiently takes up some time and expertise when it comes to team coordination. Since most companies are operating remotely indefinitely, it is in your best interest to emphasize remote working skills in a prospective employee as this is the need of the hour.



Things may seem dire and uncertain, but there is an opportunity in every challenge. Virtual hiring needs companies of all sizes to be flexible in their recruitment approach when physical hiring is not an option. What do you think can an organization gain from virtual hiring? Let us know in the comments. Zoek’s info hub strives to provide valuable information through changing times with our hirer blogs.

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