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Working from home? 5 ways to motivate remote employee and teams!

Published: Thursday 15th October 2020

The pandemic of COVID-19 has brought a lot of changes in the way that organizations operate. A desk job profile at a corporate office has now transitioned into a remote worker who is expected to reach all targets in their due deadlines. However, with the lack of having their team under the same roof, coordination and collaboration are two steps that take time to grasp. Working remotely from home can be a challenging aspect for those who are used to the order and structure of a 9 to 5. Adjusting to the change in their lifestyle can take time due to the disruption in their work and life balance. The team’s schedule, too, is affected vastly due to the change in their working environment and dynamics, stressing them out and inducing work related anxiety. How can you help a remote worker, and their teams perform better as an organization?

If you are an employer looking to motivate your remote employee teams, this blog is a great read for you. Follow our 5 practical tips to help them stay balanced and productive as given below. 

  • Keep communications as clear and possible: The requirement to establish effective channels of thorough and regular communication for a remote worker with his peers and seniors is mandatory. This will give them insight and the necessary guidance to navigate through projects and piles of work efficiently. Communication keeps things running smoothly because of the ability to track timelines and progress. Set up a project management platform with your team and the remote worker to stay in touch every day during the working hours.
  • Remote working-friendly incentives: Offering fun incentives during remote work is essential to keep things light. When a remote worker is stuck at home during a pandemic working long hours to give you the results your organization desires, there can be an immense level of stress on them to perform well. Take the edge off by creating an environment that can be fun to work in using small and simple challenges which are attached to some gifts or bonuses as a way to motivate remote employee teams to participate actively.
  • Host regular meetings: Regular meetings at the start, middle and end of the week are essential to keep the flow of work constantly productive. By creating a task list and weekly target, you are giving a tangible vision to the remote worker, so they know how much they have on their plate. Mid-week check points help reassess the situation, where new plans can be set in motion if they face delays or are ahead of the schedule. An end of the week and month meeting can be used to review the work done. Never forget to appreciate your employees for their efforts and express gratitude for their contribution since the little things motivate them the most.
  • Help them enhance their skills: Many people have taken to self-improvement courses and practices during the pandemic lockdown as a way to keep themselves occupied. By introducing a set of interesting courses, they can take up to sharpen their personality, hobbies, and professional skills, you will provide them something to look forward to away from the work hours. Tying up with platforms that offer short courses in every aspect such as Udemy will help your remote worker work on themselves as well.
  • Adapt to remote working culture: The remote working culture is very different from regular office or a corporate office culture. Balancing their profession with their personal life becomes a task for the remote worker if they are bogged down with 14 hours of work a day. Ensure that you help your employees’ transition into remote work culture by encouraging them to take breaks even when they can only be at home, exercise and eat well. Sending gentle reminders for them to attend to their health and well-being and that of their family is a great way to motivate remote employee teams; it shows that you care.

Remember that there are several other ways to help your remote employee and working teams to stay motivated and perform without stress at their designations. You can read more of our pandemic related blogs on our info hub and hirer blogs.

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