Our commitment to attracting candidates 

Zoek has the fastest growing candidate community online and is viewed as one of the most trustworthy places to search through online vacancies and apply for jobsWith more than 5 million total visitors, the intelligent job matching board is committed to reaching more and more candidates each year, by heavily investing in advertising campaigns. And if you don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself by taking a look at our nationwide, successful UK campaigns! 

Having already been nominated as the proud winners of the Onrec Creative Offline Marketing Award 2020 in the UKZoek is committed to delivering year-round nationwide coverage. Through planned offline and online campaigns, we are determined to build a strong employer brand presence across India, aiming to attract more and more candidates as well as the best and the brightest.  

Reaching an ever-increasing amount of job seekers means that more candidates are viewing and applying to job roles advertised on Zoek than ever before! So, if you’re looking for a solid way to start each business year off on the right foot, with a results-oriented recruitment solution in place, here’s how posting your job adverts on Zoek will guaranteed help you 

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Zoek candidate attraction activity 


By constantly working on improving our SEO with best practices in place, we attract more visitors to our job postings and build a stronger reputation not only with candidates but also clients. Guided by a solid SEO strategy, we constantly increase our website’s visibility in search engines like Google and Bing, thereby boosting traffic to our website. 


In a candidate short market, it is crucial to understand where applicants are coming from whilst finding cost effective ways to attract them. And here’s where PPC recruitment advertising comes in to help you find your next top talent!  

With Zoek heavily investing in paid search, paid social as well as re-targeting display advertising, we don’t just put our brand in front of millions of online job seekers but also maintain a presence where top prospects are searching. 


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Targeting the social media community, Zoek has a strong online presence via digital marketing. Through the use of digital marketing tools and strategies we constantly promote our community across all social media platforms, advertising job opportunities and posting engaging and informative content. Portraying our business personality through our online channels and targeted ads, we reach more and more job seekers and social media users daily. 


Content marketing is the medium through which brands educate and build relationships with consumers. As such, content marketing and video creation is at the centre of Zoek’s marketing strategy. That being so, our Info Hub gets renewed on a regualar basis with informative and useful, job seeker blogs, hirer blogs and career guides.  


Zoek attracts new candidates constantly through email marketing. Through our creative email marketing campaigns, we target specific candidates and groups of candidates based on their demographics and behaviour. Delivering content straight to the job seekers’ inbox, we aim to continually reinforce our image and nurture them towards building brand loyalty and strong relationships. 

As an international business with a quality-assured reputation for staffing solutions that result in placing talented people into well-matched roles, we uphold and promote the highest possible standards across our technology and practicesRegister or log in to your Zoek Hirer account and let us drive relevant candidates to your job vacancies roles through our performance-based hiring software.