Zoek India Hirer FAQ’s

If you have a hirer related question you’d like to know the answer to, or have encountered an issue that needs resolving to help maintain your job posting requirements with Zoek, you’ll find answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions by hiring organisations within this page. Browse our FAQ’s below to help provide further clarification and solutions to your queries, by clicking to reveal quick answers to each. If you have a recruitment related question that is not included within this FAQ’s section, you can contact us at: sales@zoek.co.in and a member of our sales support team will be happy to assist you.

Posting job adverts on Zoek’s job board is really simple, and can be done via our Zoek Hirer Portal by following this simple step-by-step guide.

A summary of this process is shown below:

Step 1Log in to the Hirer Portal and click ‘Post a new job’ from the dashboard options

Step 2 – Enter the details of your jobs

Step 3 – Specify Job Type, Hours and Salary

Step 4 – Add a job description that explains the role & responsibilities

Step 5 – Set job requirements and desired application cap

For companies who may have numerous job adverts to post, using one of our integration partners, such as Broadbean, Logicmelon and Idibu (just to name a few), may be more suitable. This makes bulk-uploading of job adverts even easier. You can find out more on our ‘Integrations‘ page.

Alternatively, you could also consider our Job scraping option, perfect for hirers who want to integrate their careers site.

For better results you can hire together with your team!

Simply log in to your Zoek Hirer account and click on the ‘Company’ option on the left-hand side in your dashboard.

Select ‘Invite’ from the drop-down menu options and fill in the details requested to proceed, as show in the below screen shot.

Options to invite team members to your Zoek Hirer Portal account

If you are posting via the Pay Per Job, Pay Per Application, Cost Per Click or our Flexible Free Organic model, you can post an unlimited number of job adverts to advertise on Zoek using your dedicated Hirer portal profile. You can find out more information on our ‘ Hirer‘ page.

Please note that if you choose to post via the Subscription job advertising model you will be credited with a certain amount of adverts dependent on your subscription agreement. Visit Zoek to find out more about our Subscription model benefits.

No. Zoek does not currently offer a CV Database service.

Zoek offers four paid job advertising models as well as the flexible organic job posting model, which is free.

These five core hiring packages we provide, include our Flexible Free Organic, our Pay Per Job, Subscription, our Cost-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Application models that enable your jobs to be ranked higher and therefore be more visible to applicants.

Please note that unlike other job boards, Zoek allows you to combine our Pay Per Job, Pay Per Application, Cost Per Click and Free Organic models to suit your specific hiring needs. Therefore, you can advertise individual jobs across four different models rather than having to use the same one for all your vacancies.

Depending on the way you proceed to post job adverts on Zoek, job adverts can be published live instantly, if they are manually uploaded via the Zoek Hirer portal or our integration partners.

However,  it could take up to 1-2 days if your jobs have been scraped.

Once job adverts are live on Zoek’s website, job seekers can view them right away and start applying.

Yes. Zoek offers free job advertising for all employers, through our FREE Flexible Organic Model.

Zoek also offers free unlimited job advertising plus free candidate applications to all registered UK charities in accordance to our CSR efforts.

Yes. Zoek’s Hirer Portal offers four different access options, enabling hirers to keep track of what is visible by each team member.

  • Super Admin
  • Admin
  • Hirer
  • Finance

Zoek’s job board is one of the most competitive/affordable global recruitment services across all other job boards. We offer four different paid job advertising models as well as a flexible organic job posting model, which is free.

Depending on your chosen job advertising model, charges will vary, unless you choose our Flexible Free Organic model, where you will receive free, unlimited applications

Please note that Zoek also allows you to post your vacancies combining all our models in order to suit your specific recruitment needs.

Moreover, with Zoek’s Pay Per Application model, costs will vary depending on the pay bracket each role is advertised at and falls under. You can find out more about varying pay brackets on our cost dashboard.

For further questions or assistance you can get in touch with our sales team by sending an email to: sales@zoek.uk

No, unless you choose our Subscription model option as your preferred billing method.

Yes. You can re-post directly through your Hirer Portal the same job advert, once it expires.

Zoek’s integration solutions are designed to help hiring managers by streamlining their recruitment process, making candidate sourcing faster and more effective.

Zoek Integrates with a number of industry-leading multi-posters such as, Broadbean, Recruitive and Logic Melon.

To find out more please visit: https://zoek.co.in/hirer/integrations

If you have a query about your Zoek Hirer account, you can address this matter either by contacting directly your dedicated Zoek Account Manager or by sending an email to sales@zoek.co.in