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Zoek India’s Job Advertising Payment Models


Have job vacancies that must be filled quickly with quality candidates that accurately match your requirements? Take your pick from our five job advertising payment models that fit all business needs! 

Using a unique Artificial Intelligence search algorithm, Zoek India finds you better-suited candidates quicker than ever before. This is done using a unique 5-stage candidate search. This allows us to match your requirements with the skills and experience of a candidate much closer than anyone else. This eliminates time wasted on unsuitable applications and means you get to see the right candidates much quicker.

To give you maximum control over your job adverts, we have created five individual job advertising payment models. You can use one or all of these models and combine them in the way best suited to your needs. We have four paid models that will ensure your adverts rank high, drive traffic to your site and increase engagement with quality candidates. Whilst jobs will rank lower than those from above, our free organic model enables you to post as many jobs as you want completely free. Our Job Alerts and Job Matches options also maximise promotion of your job adverts.

Pay Per Job*

Our new pay per job model makes posting jobs cheaper and easier than ever before. You will have full control over your job posting budget. Your jobs will be highly visible for 45-days, starting from as little as $50 per post. Your jobs will also be promoted across our extensive partner networks as well as our highly effective Zoek Alerts service.


Cost Per Click*

Our cost per click (CPC) model starts from just $0.05 per click. You can easily set and change limits for individual jobs and accounts. This gives you much more control over your budget and means you do not waste money. As with all CPC advertising, jobs with higher bids are ranked higher. This allows you to prioritise urgent/important roles. 


Pay Per Application*

Our pay per application model starts from just $0.02 per application and is a fantastic way to ensure you only pay for suitable candidates. 



Our subscription model is designed for hirers wanting to post unlimited job adverts and receive unlimited applications. Each subscription model will be tailored to your own needs, including how long you subscribe for. Many different options are available, including 3 and 6-monthly subscriptions.

* For more information about our hirer service models, please email sales@zoek.co.in


Free Organic Model*

Our free organic model enables you to post as many jobs as you want without paying anything! All applications you receive through this model are also free! Simply tell us which jobs you wish to post, and we will do the rest – getting your jobs in front of millions of candidates across India.


*Terms and Conditions apply.



We partner with many of the world’s leading multi-posting software companies, including Broadbean and Appcast.



This allows us to quickly and effectively ‘scrape’ jobs directly from your site and post them in front of millions of Zoek India job seekers. This bespoke service includes automatically updating job adverts in real time.


What our clients say

“Zoek India regularly tops our job board stats page with the highest shortlisted rate. The quality of candidates we are getting from Zoek India is much better than we receive from more so-called established job boards. This has made a real difference to our clients and significantly reduces the time it takes to match the right candidates and jobs.”