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Cost per click advertising that works

Zoek India is India’s fastest growing online job board, with over 25,000 hirers, advertising more than two million jobs


Only pay for quality clicks

Posting job adverts can be expensive and time consuming if you are getting the wrong types of candidates. To stop this, Zoek uses a detailed job search that ensures you only see and pay for quality applications. We have four payment models and one free job advertising model for you to choose from. Furthermore, you can mix these in any way you wish when you want to post a job.


Affordable cost per click advertising

Zoek India’s cost per click model starts from as little as $0.05 per click. You are given full control over how much you spend per job advert – allowing you to set individual budgets for different jobs and accounts.


Zoek India cost per click advertising is ranked based on two things:

Job/candidate match. The closer your job matches a candidate’s search, the higher your job ranks. Our A.I. search algorithm closely matches your keywords to a candidate’s skills and experience. This reduces money and time wasted on unsuitable candidates. We also give you detailed feedback to help improve your job adverts and further reduce CPC costs.

Your bid amount. As with all cost per click advertising, the more you spend per click the higher your job will rank. This lets you prioritise urgent/important jobs over others, giving you full control over your CPC budget.

Advantages of posting your jobs with Zoek India:

*Makes initial applicant screening faster and easier

*Matches key words in job adverts to those in Resumes

*Ensure you only see suitable job applicants – reducing CPC costs

*Reduces wasted time, effort and money looking at unsuitable candidates

*Provides detailed feedback and advice on how to improve your job adverts


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