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Unlimited free job postings with our Flexible Free Organic Model

Our Flexible FREE organic model allows you to post unlimited jobs and receive unlimited applications for FREE. Whilst these jobs will rank lower than those in our excellent paid models, there will be absolutely no cost to you.


What does free job postings mean?

It simply means you do not have to pay any money. If you want to post jobs for free, just contact us and we will begin importing them straight away. That’s it! We will quickly get your jobs in front of millions of quality candidates across India with our flexible free organic model.


Why post with Zoek India?

Zoek India can match your jobs with suitable applicants much more accurately. This is done using an in-house-designed search algorithm that uses Artificial Intelligence. Using key word matches, related word searches and sector, we can find you suitable candidates much quicker and accurate than ever before. 


Advantages of posting your jobs with Zoek India:

*You only see suitable job candidates

*Matches key words in job adverts to those in Resumes

*Reduces wasted time, effort and money looking at unsuitable candidates

*Provides detailed feedback and advice on how to improve your job adverts

*Improves and speeds up initial applicant screening


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