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Pay per application job advertising

Zoek India is India’s fastest growing online job board, with over 25,000 hirers, advertising more than two million jobs.


Why choose pay per application job advertising?

Paying for unsuitable applications is expensive, time consuming and frustrating. Zoek India does everything possible to eliminate unsuitable applications.

Our unique 5-stage search algorithm ensures candidates are much better matched to you job requirements. Our Pay Per Application model starts at just $0.02 per quality application. This allows you to ensure your budget is set in the most cost-effective way.


Pay per application job advertising costs

India Pay per application model charges table


Why choose Zoek India?

*Gives you the freedom to mix which models you use

*You only see suitable job applicants, significantly reducing PPA costs

*Speeds up and simplifies initial applicant screening

*Eliminates time, effort and money screening unsuitable candidates

*Receive in-depth feedback and tips on improving your job adverts

*Accurately matches information in your job adverts to that in Resumes


For more information about our hirer service models,  please email sales@zoek.co.in

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