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AI To Help Jobseekers in India

Published: Monday 27th July 2020

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AI To Help Jobseekers in India

Zoek, the UK’s fastest-growing online job board, has opened in India.

The company (pronounced zook) has grown significantly in recent years in the UK thanks to a combination of unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and extensive in-depth interviews, tips and blogs on employment issues.

Designed in-house, the AI system allows Indian jobseekers to be much better matched with suitable employers and jobs. It does this by performing a five-layered search, including matching keywords in job adverts to a candidate’s CV. The system has proven successful in the UK, with the site already seeing over 33 million job views this year already.

Building on its success in the UK, the online job board is now helping Indian jobseekers. Regarding Zoek’s growing presence in the online employment sector, Matthew Sanders, CEO and founder of the company, said,

“We have created a job board that does everything possible to more accurately match jobseekers and employers in India, quickly and easily. We have all clearly seen how important our jobs can be. We are helping people not only get back to work as quickly as possibly but get back to the right work for them.” 

Despite only being launched in July of this year, Zoek India is already advertising 157,000 jobs from approximately 15,000 employers in India, covering every industry and region in the country. India is the first of a series of planned overseas expansions, which will include Europe and the US. Regarding the decision to choose India first, George Hurlin, Head of Global Projects & Sales, said,

“India’s economic potential and its highly-skilled workforce made it the obvious choice for us. We are seeing in the UK how much better we can help people find the right jobs. We are very excited to give jobseekers in India this same advantage.”

About Zoek UK

Established in 2015, Zoek is the UK’s fastest-growing online job board. It uses unique A.I. based software to better match job seekers and employers. The site also features exclusive written and video content, blogs and industry tips designed to give jobseekers all the information they need to be successful. Featuring jobs from every industry and location, the company has nearly 600,000 registered users, viewing jobs from more than 8,000 companies.


Contact Details

For further information, please contact:

George Hurlin, Head of Global Projects & Sales


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