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LinkedIn’s new career explorer is the tool for job seeking professionals to find their dream job in 2020

Published: Wednesday 4th November 2020

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, especially those who were job seeking since late 2019 and the ones who lost their jobs in 2020 due to the pandemic. LinkedIn’s market research on the labour force shows that the competition of jobs has increased by 30% as compared to last year at a time India is trying to recover its economy with a 12% year by year growth rate.

This tool has come at a time of dire need since several fresh graduates and other professionals with experience are unemployed and on the lookout for jobs that match their field and pay packages. On a national scale, the unemployment levels have reached a whopping 140 million people while the annual projection in India for the year 2020 is 250 million. After LinkedIn Learning to promote digital learning, LinkedIn has decided to launch its Career Explorer to help job seeking professionals to find a career that fits their skills or interests and teaches them how to reach it. The new tool will enable candidates to find the industries and jobs which are high in demand to be able to find hirers successfully.

The aim of the tool is to bring job seekers and hirers closer to be able to match the right candidates with their respective organizations by helping candidates map their skills to show them jobs pertaining to the role they are qualified to assume as a professional.

The #hiring tag also will help recruiters spread the word of their hiring procedure straight from their profiles rather than posting an opening in the database. This will facilitate a wider reach to the candidates to find such hirers and their applications easily from their own LinkedIn newsfeed.

Skills Assessments is a new feature in the Career Explorer tool that candidates can use to take proficiency in skills such as Graphic Design, Marketing Management, Microsoft Office, Python, or other technical and other trending credentials. By passing these 15-questions based tests, a candidate can add the tag of their proficiency verified on their profile for hirers to see.

The LinkedIn’s Career Explorer is a tool for professionals looking to switch their careers to explore better opportunities in their fields of interest by ditching saturated job markets of a few professions. LinkedIn’s research shows that 62% of Indian candidates were willing to change their field to discover better and more lucrative or rewarding career choices. Career Explorer helps such professionals find new avenues by matching them with alternative career paths where their current skills overlap with the new opportunities. The new designations and jobs may include a few new or extra skills to be able to transition into the new role. That is where LinkedIn Learning comes in to help by connecting the professional with the right digital course to be certified in the particular skill.

Matched together, LinkedIn’s Career Explorer and Learning tools make a very essential duo for the job seekers of the market and we cannot wait to see the impact it makes in the market. To stay updated with the latest industrial news and blogs, stay tuned to Zoek’s Info Hub.

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