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Zoek India provides free job alerts that help you stay ahead of other jobseekers. Using your own search words, Zoek India instantly notifies you of matching jobs via email or push notification. Allowing you to quickly and easily apply for jobs as soon as they appear.

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Why set up job alerts?


Get seen before everyone else

Zoek India removes the need for lengthy, frustrating job searches. Immediately notifying you of suitable jobs, you can ensure your application is one of the first that employers see. You can also choose when in the day you get your jobs alerts and how often, making applying for jobs easier and quicker than ever before.

Never miss a job again

Zoek India’s free job alerts mean you will never miss that perfect job ever again. Using your own job search information, Zoek India searches thousands of jobs across every sector and location in India. Automatically telling you when a suitable job appears through daily, weekly or monthly notifications.

Save time and effort

Zoek India uses your own key skills and wanted job titles to accurately match you with jobs suitable to you. This eliminates time wasted looking at unsuitable positions and enables you to focus on only the right jobs.

Unlimited job alerts

Zoek India offers unlimited job searches that can be easily changed and refined. This means you can create personal job alerts covering many different types of jobs. Giving you maximum exposure to the Indian job market and increasing your chances of find the right job for you.

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