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5 Reasons why you need a mentor at work

Published: Sunday 20th September 2020

Every employee understands the importance of great mentorship at their workplace. The coveted guidance from a senior professional can bring an exponential difference in your trajectory at climbing the ladders of success. As it is said, a great mentor is who lights the way for others with potential. Mentors are those who show you smart ways to climb the ladder rather than spoon feeding you, or pushing you down.

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Today’s blog is focused on showing you why you need a mentor at work. How having a mentor at work can guide you professionally and how they help you to achieve your goals more efficiently. 

If you’re wondering what are the character traits that make a great mentor, here are 9 to begin with: 

  • Good mentors express interest in your career journey and help you navigate it.
  • Good mentors are invested in your career and celebrate your success.
  • Good mentors will give you feedback and criticism without the sugarcoat to help you see areas of improvement when you fail or slack.
  • Good mentors are seniors who give advice in your best interests.
  • Good mentors push you to realize and utilize your complete potential.
  • Good mentors are focused on helping you embody your best version professionally and personally.
  • A good mentor will not compete with you, but complement your process in sync.
  • A good mentor is not intimidated by your success or potential, but promotes it.
  • A good mentor will back your career up professionally when it comes to endorsements, when they think you are ready to take on more responsibilities.

Mentors usually pick one to three apprentices at a workplace to groom and shape to take over their position once they’re due for promotion. Like the chain of workplace hierarchy works, a senior professional needs to completely prepare an apprentice before they can assume an even higher-up designation to fill in for them. While mentorship is more beneficial for the apprentice, there are certain expectations that the mentor has. 

To be picked by a great mentor, you need to display potential, enthusiasm to learn and the ability to inculcate their guidance into your practice. Once you’re under their wing, you will learn a great deal when it comes to the ropes of business, as well as developing your overall personality. Below are listed the 5 reasons why you need a mentor in work to get greater success.

  • Professional coach: Having a godfather-like figure who will coach you to be a better version of yourself, deliver high performance and great results at work can put you years ahead in terms of success. The mentor will show you better ways to do a job while becoming more efficient through evolving strategies.
  • Career advice: Trust that a mentor will always show you the correct path when it comes to getting career guidance. You can confide in your mentor at times of confusion, professional clashes and difficulties. Since they have been in countless situations that you may face in your position, they’ll have words of wisdom to help you traverse your path.
  • Source of motivation: A great mentor will be your source of motivation to finetune your skills by broadening your horizons. They will help you to elevate your perception and thinking by bolstering your confidence. Such trust is not given lightly, so don’t take their vote of confidence for granted.
  • Challenge to raise the bar: When you begin to stagnate at your abilities, a mentor will push you to unlock a new level and achieve something greater. Since they chose you due to the potential they saw in you, they will do everything to help you realize and achieve it.
  • Mentors protect you (expressly and behind your back): Mentors are very protective of their apprentices. They will defend you expressly and behind your back so you get the recognition you deserve, better opportunities and more. 

Now that you understand what a mentor is like, and why you need a mentor at work? you may realize that having one at your workplace can make a drastic shift in your career path. It is always a great step to confide in someone who has spent more time in your line of profession and understands your potential when you’re at the start. Between finding the right job and a great mentor, you can rely on our jobseeker blogs, career guides and info hub to help you! Reading one blog a day can make improvements in your professional perspective, especially as a fresher.

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