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Interview hacks: 5 tips to ace your virtual interview

Published: Wednesday 4th November 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about quite a lot of change in the method of hiring when social distancing is a preliminary requirement from the global public. Places of employment and corporate offices have been either shut completely or are working at 33-50 percent of their capacity to maintain a safe environment for the essential staff required to be present at a workplace. Anyone else has been asked to work from home, which has been a successful endeavour so far in terms of productivity. But what would a candidate do if they have been seeking jobs and have an online interview scheduled?

Online interviews can seem more confusing and intimidating because not many of us are used to speaking to a screen without the environment and experience of regular office interviews. However, you need not fret about your upcoming virtual interview; our job seeker blog is here to help you ace yours with our top five virtual interview tips.  

What is Virtual interview meaning ?

The simplest virtual interview meaning is an interview conducted on platforms such as Skyps, Zoom, Google Talk or other audio/video interface for a one-to-one conversation with the hirers. The virtual interview meaning also includes you being a part of a group interview discussion and other rounds where one or more people may assess you.  

Tips to nail your next Virtual interview

Mentioned below are the five most effective virtual interview tips that will help you grab the job opportunity with expertise.

  • Take care of the essentials: The basics of a virtual interview includes a good internet connection, a charged laptop or phone which will not glitch or run out of battery during the interview, and the required application installed ready to go as soon as the time comes. Choose your location to interview carefully; maybe you could turn your bedroom into a temporary office space with no distractions or noise while good light can help create the desired effect onscreen.
  • The virtual handshake: Since there can be no physical assessment through the traditional handshake, a virtual handshake will help you compensate for the loss of physical human presence. Create an interesting introduction about yourself that will capture the attention of the hiring professionals and develop a positive opinion about your personality. This is a very important aspect as it will set the tone for your interview and help break the ice between you and the hirers.
  • Treat it like a conventional interview: A virtual interview does not have to be different or awkward; simply show up for it as you would for a traditional interview. Dress the part and keep a copy of your resume with a spare pen and paper by your side for starters. As you would reach 15-20 minutes before a physical interview, make sure you are logged in to the application well in advance, so the hirers do not have to wait. A bonus tip would be to keep your microphone on mute as you wait or when the interviewer is talking so they receive no disturbances.
  • Display your passion and expertise: A virtual interview can also help you to show your passion for the job and your career if you use your words well. You can write keywords to help you stay on pitch by the table, so you do not blank out. Speak of your professional expertise by highlighting key skills, credentials, facts and figures from previous projects and others to help the hirers discern your talent.
  • Ask questions and accept feedback: At the end of the interview, feel free to ask questions if you need clarification from the hirers. Asking them for feedback is also a great way to learn about your blind spots so you can work on them in the future. Once the interview ends, send the hirers an email expressing gratitude for the opportunity and experience, as this leaves a lasting impression.   

Virtual interviews can be a great advantage for you if you train for it correctly. If you want to understand what a hiring team is looking for in candidates during virtual hiring, we suggest that you go ahead and take a look at the virtual hiring guide on our hirer blogs section. For other interview hacks to help you perform better, go ahead and read our job seeker blogs for detailed notes.

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