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6 Things you should bring to a job interview

Published: Monday 28th December 2020

You have got the call for your job interview. This means that you have already beaten some 97% of candidates and the hiring organization has considered that fact, you are someone who they can move forward with. But that does not mean you can relax now. The most challenging and stressful part starts once you have been called for an in-person interview. Once you have well- prepared all the possible questionnaires and your favorite dress, one more thing you should consider is what to bring to a job interview.

Imagine your hiring manager asking “I am sorry; I do not have your resume”. Do you have an extra one with you? And there you start with “No I didn’t bring any”. Oops! Suddenly the charm and the excitement start fading away! Being prepared with the key document can actually increase your chances of being selected in the interview.

Knowing what to bring to a job interview is also part of your interview preparation.

It’s not something that you need to put a lot of thought into considering rather just a simple art you need to master. One mistake in interview preparation can cost you your dream job. To make sure you have everything, you need to appear 100% ready for the job interview and thus, we have prepared a comprehensive checklist of the items you need to bring to a job interview.

Essential things to bring to a job interview

Your Resume or CV

If you really want to impress the hiring manager, always bring extra copies of your Resume or CV. Do not assume that the hiring manager will have your Resume. Sometimes they get busy with their work and forget to take a print out of your Resume. If you are facing an interview panel, it’s good to have one copy for each.

It’s completely acceptable if you keep one copy for yourself as well. It will help you to take references while discussing your work and skill-set with the hiring managers.

A Pen and a Notepad

Not having a pen and notepad seems not a big deal, but having one really shows part of your interview preparation and the volume of your candidature. Moreover, you can take important notes just in case the hiring manager shares any surprising fact you are not aware of. Later you can use these notes in a follow-up mail to thank the hiring manager.

Just make sure that you are taking permission before taking any notes. Also, make sure to keep making decent eye contact as well while writing.


Bring at least three references from your previous organizations. Think of three of your best colleagues including your previous managers who can testify to your ability to do a great job at work. Prepare a list including their contact number, designation, and your relationship with them. You can either provide separate copies to the hiring manager or mention them on the resume in a different column.

It’s highly advisable to inform the references that they might get a call from XYZ Company regarding your candidature.

Here is a guide for “How to include references in the resume

Breathe Mint or Gum

You sure would not want to face the hiring manager with a bad breath. Bring something like mint, gum, or floss to maintain oral hygiene. This will help you feel clean but just make sure to throw it out before meeting with the hiring manager.

Directions or Contact Information

Although a digital map is already there to help you reach out to the interview venue but in case if you still have any doubt about reaching the interview, print out the directions and addresses. Any confusion regarding the direction can make you late for an interview and this can cost you a potential job opportunity. Also, write the name and the contact information of the person you are going to meet. Should anything go wrong, you can contact them easily.


Now that you have a list of almost every essential thing to bring to a job interview, just be sure to keep them in one place. Putting all of your important documents in a folder or a small briefcase will make you look like an organized professional person, who really is serious about the job.


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