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Applying for an internship? Use these 5 tips to stay ahead of the game!

Published: Sunday 20th September 2020

2020 is a year full of innovative operations when it comes to the global economy and business world. Since the motions of a pandemic don’t allow employees of an organization to work from their designated offices, remote working or work from home have been the modus operandi and has contributed greatly to keep the wheels of the business going. Apart from withholding the onboarding process and recruitment of new staff, even internships were affected earlier this year. However, several companies have embraced and commenced their internships from a work from home basis as well. 

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This spells good news for all of you college students and fresh graduates who want some professional experience to add to your portfolio in the form of an internship. 

If you want to make the best of this golden opportunity and snag a great organization to intern with, you need to have a great strategy, as thousands of students are in this race. Our career guidance blog is here to help you understand and implement a plan of action to stand apart from the herd. Use the 5 tips discussed below to bag your favourite internship! 

  • Improve Your Online Visibility: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, everyone is available online, which is a good thing in disguise. This also means that your online presence matters as well, so having a blog, website or a social like LinkedIn will help you be seen by professionals when they are looking up your work. Write mini articles regarding topics you consider in line with your professional interests. Your online presence will play a vital role in how the recruiters perceive you, so showcase as many skills you have or are developing on these platforms.
  • Emphasize The Correct Keywords To Get The Right Job: SInce companies receive hundreds of resumes on a daily basis, they have a short span of time that they give to each resume. Several of them are discarded without an in-depth glance because the resumes do not highlight the important keywords and skills. To avoid being the one of the resumes in the rejected pile, make sure that you highlight your skills, areas of interest (since you do not have expertise, yet) and use the best keywords that match the internship description to get shortlisted for the next round. If you have no prior internship or work experience, mention the projects and important activities you participated in during college.
  • Have An Extensive Network: Networking on professional sites such as LinkedIn or other professional social media has several benefits. For one, you can read the works of pioneers in your line of interest and interact with them. When you network with professionals from your field or others, there may come a time when their organizations are hiring interns and you may be the first few people to know. Better yet, you may even receive a referral or endorsement from one of these connections.
  • Appear For Informational Interviews: Don’t hesitate to appear for informational interviews, it can help you immensely when trying to figure out what profile suits you best. At times, organizations may not have an immediate opening for an internship, but by approaching them with your resume and offering to appear for an informational interview, you boost your chances of getting reached out to before any other fresh candidate. An informational interview puts you on top of their next list of internship rounds, so give this tactical advantage your best shot.
  • Take And Implement Feedback: This is, perhaps, the most underrated piece of advice for working professionals and students alike. When giving interviews, please ask for the hirer’s feedback, because you can improve tonnes of mistakes you may not even know you’re making. Improvement is the path to success; so, when you receive criticism, take it as feedback and implement it in your life. Soon enough, you will land your dream internship and still make errors. But that is what growth is about, learning on the go!

 If you use this time wisely and practice the tips mentioned in these blogs, you are more likely to be visible, shortlisted and selected. In the meantime, you can use the time you have to prepare for interviews, polish your resume and read more helpful blogs on job seeking.

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