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Does your salary slip show your worth?

Published: Friday 31st July 2020

It is quite painful when employees place their worth based on their salary. If you also believe your salary slip shows your worth, you better take a look at this article. So, what is a salary slip? It is a document given to an employee by the employer containing detailed information on the employee’s salary. It is usually issued at the end of every month, showing the breakdown of the salary, including vitals like bonuses, tax payments, and several others.

The bottom line is that it can help you understand your total income, which is a good thing. It will also give you insight into whether you are paid fairly.

Your salary slip doesn’t show your worth

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On the other hand, it doesn’t show your worth. Many people think they are being paid based on their worth. While this is true to some extent, it isn’t fully accurate. Of course, an employee with higher academic qualifications is likely to get more paid than one with a lower qualification. In this regard, one could say that they are being paid according to their worth. This is also applicable when you consider job positions and other factors. The higher your job position in an organization, the higher your salary.

A second look

From another perspective, in these present times of economic crisis on a global scale, employees’ salaries are no longer dependent on the few conditions stated above. A typical example is a graduate of medical science who could be underpaid because they work in a private clinic. It is right to say that the medical practitioner’s salary doesn’t determine their worth. Moreover, the ugly truth is that most employees nowadays, find themselves in that same predicament. That’s why employees should bear in mind that the salary slip should not be defining their worth. Even the salary slip of the highest paying job do not determine the worth of its receiver.

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The next time you will be getting your salary slip, don’t define your worth based on a piece of paper. If you discover that you are not fairly paid, you can discuss that with your employer on how to reach a mutual agreement. You can do your research on various websites in order to find out more about the industry and understand your market value. However, if you believe you’re in the wrong job or feel undervalued and unrecognized within the company, then it may be time to move on to pastures new.

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