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Resume Building: What Is the Ideal Length of a Resume?

Published: Sunday 6th September 2020

A resume plays a vital role in your hiring procedures. Since it is the first document to reach your hirers, making a lasting impression will be sure to leave a positive impact on your chances of getting hired. We found that the most common interview question asked regarding a resume is, “How long should a resume be?”

Since the answers may vary depending upon the length of your work experience, clientele and qualifications, our blog will cover all the facets of the query “how long should a resume be for a professional?” Below you will find the various lengths, tips and guidelines to achieving the perfect resume length.

A hiring manager holding a Resume on his desk, How long a resume should be

One Page

This short, one-page resume is the ideal length for you if you are a fresh graduate or have a brief working or internship history. This resume will serve to cover your academic achievements, qualifications, skill and work history, if any. Add in volunteer work that you have committed to if you’re struggling to fill even one page.

This length is perfect for:

  • Students still in academia
  • Fresh graduates
  • Professionals having less than 10 years of cumulative work experience

Two Pages

Two-page resumes are suitable for those with a working experience of ten years or more. It also serves as an ideal resume length if you are applying for senior posts such as administrative and managerial level jobs. This resume also accommodates your professional accomplishments and milestones in your career timeline.

This is the best choice for professionals who:

  • Have 10 years or more of professional experience
  • Are applying for higher level jobs

Three Pages

Three or more pages worth resumes are accepted in career lines such as the academic or research field. If you work in academia, a three-page resume is as good as a CV. This will make room to include all your published works, research studies, thesis and more details about your professional experience. A longer resume gives the hirer a chance to understand the studies conducted by you to choose the best candidate. This resume length will also serve you well if you are applying for higher education such as a masters or doctorate. A To understand the major differences between a resume and a CV, read our blog.

This resume will fit your profile perfectly for:

  • Academic roles or admissions
  • Students pursuing doctoral programs
  • Federal staff
  • Senior management roles

Resume Length Tips

Having a resume with a compact fit so that there are no empty spaces in between is essential for the overall aesthetic. For instance, it would always look better to have a resume that fits all your details on one page rather than running into the second page with half of it blank.

Here are the answers to summarize the concerns regarding resume length:

  • Ideal length of a Resume for a professional?

Long enough to prove to the hirer that you are capable and competent for the job they are offering. It needs to include all the details essential for you to get shortlisted.

  • What is the standard length of a resume?

A resume almost always sticks to a single page. However, a two-paged resume is not uncommon among seasoned senior professionals, experienced freelancers, and professionals with a lot of achievements.

  • What if my resume runs into three pages?

A resume can run into multiple pages if you have the relevant work experience and skills. An important tip would be to only stick to the information that is relevant to the job you are applying for.

How to Create the Ideal Resume Length?

When your resume runs into a second page, there’s no need to panic. Instead, adjust the formatting of your resume to scale so that all the details fit. The other important tips would be to stick to the point, only mention relevant details and customize your resume as per the job at hand.

Now That You Know the Appropriate Resume Length, What Next?

Fixing the length of your resume is one of the fundamental aspects to build the perfect one for your applications. Check our resume blogs in our jobseeker guide to create an impressive resume that stands out.

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