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Resume building hacks: How to list references on resume

Published: Sunday 20th September 2020

A resume also changes as you can personalize it around the company and job you’re applying to. Mentioning references on resume columns is one such component that comes in when you have someone within the organization or someone who has connections with the hiring or management staff. While it may work  in your advantage to give you a greater chance for an interview call, management professionals and interviewers generally advise avoiding mentioning your references outright. So if you have references and intend to add them to your resume, there is a particular way to go about it.

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This resume building blog will help you understand why and how to list references in resume sections. Read on to know all the details!

A separate page for references

As we stated earlier, hiring professionals usually would advise against mentioning references, especially during the first few rounds of the interview. However, sometimes a few job openings are for reference-based resumes only. If an organization is open to it or you want to mention your references on your resume due to unavoidable circumstances, you need to do it on a separate page dedicated only for the references. Do not add the line “references available upon request” on your resume.

How to list references on a resume?

  • Create a new page meant only for your reference list.
  • Add your name along with the title “References” at the top of the new page. For example “Jane Doe References.”
  • Utilize the same formatting style for all of your references: Write their complete names, professional designations, organization, and contact details.
  • While adding reference, mention at least 2-3 professional references.
  • Ensure that you have informed your references that you have added their names and contact details in your list, since they may be contacted by the organization you’re interviewing for.

Example for listing your references:

Mr (or Shri) Anand Kumar

Head of Marketing

Five Elements Ltd.

11/444 Corporate Ave

Peninsula Park, Mumbai, 400006

Contact Number:


Should I add the line “references available upon request” on the resume?

No, adding the line “references available upon request” is one of the biggest resume faux pas a candidate can make. It is an obvious and known protocol among hirers that references are usually available on request, which is why they usually ask about it in the stages necessary. You need to save your influences for the last. 

Hold off your reference influence as long as possible 

Adding in your references or disclosing your references from the first round itself is not necessary unless it’s a reference-only job opportunity. The reason we are asking you to hold off is so that you get the chance to showcase your capability through the rounds and then use the references as a reaffirmation for organizations. Being skilled and endorsed makes a great combination, which is why you should disclose your endorses only during the final few rounds. The last thing you want the hirer to think is you’re an entitled individual who uses their endorses to get an opportunity rather than working for it. 

The process to make an impressive resume is that of constant work in progress, but there are a few elements that are a constant while others are added with years of experience. The key to have a great resume is to have all the elements in place while taking the time to do everything correctly. Now that you have learnt to list references on a resume, improve upon the other elements of your resume. Read our blogs about explaining a work gap on your resume and adding a declaration on your job seeker’s section.

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