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How to write a leave application 

Published: Friday 17th July 2020

It is an undisputed fact that there are times when you need to write a leave application letter due to some reasons. Is your partner ill, and you need time to take care of your partner? Are you sick, and you need little time to rest and recover well? Did you lose your loved one? Or maybe you’re in pursuit of learning and adding more to your academic portfolio? No matter what the reason may be for needing some time off from work, the best way to present it to the management is through a leave application. The next question that needs to be answered is, “how do you get the leave application drafted”?  

What is the leave application letter?  

The letter you write to apply for leave of absence for some time is called a leave application. It is essential to add that a leave letter is different from a job resignation letter, and it doesn’t mean you are leaving the job. A leave application is simply a formal way of you asking the management to take a break, or asking to  be absent from work for a set period of time 

Types of leave application: 

request for leave of application form with pen on desk.

Sick leave  

This is when you write a leave letter due to an illness. You can get a sick leave when:  

  • You have personal or mental illness. 
  • You need to care for your sick child, spouse, parent. 
  • Health checkup  
  • Effect of domestic violence 

Study leave  

This is when you write a leave letter because you need personal time to study or carry out research.  

Sabbatical leave 

Sabbatical leave is the period when you don’t report to your regular duty, but you are still an employee in the company.   

Maternity or Paternity leave

Maternity leave is the absence from work granted to pregnant mothers before and after the birth of a child. Paternity leave is the absence of work granted to the father of a new baby. Note: the new baby can also be an adopted baby.  

Holiday or vacation request  

This is the leave granted to employees so they can relax, rest, and also attend to their personal affairs.  

employee packing belongings in box, annual leave concept

Emergency leave application  

This is the leave that employees can request due to unforeseen circumstances. This includes but is not limited to: the death of a family member or loved one, funeral leave, a life-threatening incident, accident, or surgery.  

The leave letter format 

The first thing that is common to every type of leave letter is the person you are addressing it to. Here is how to address the letter  

To: Add the person you are writing to  

Add the name of the company  

Add the subject: the reason for writing the letter. (Leave application due to ……) 

Salutation (Dear Sir/ Ma’am) 

The body of the letter  

The letter won’t be more than three paragraphs. The first paragraph will explain the reason why you are writing the letter. The second paragraph will highlight why you want to take leave. The third paragraph will aim to beg the management and why you love the company.  

Yours Truly  

Insert your name  

Insert the date  

Now that you understand what the leave application is and you also know that it is different from a relieving letter or a letter of job evaluation, it is time to pick your pen and write yours.If you’re looking for some time off or feeling that it’s time for a change, why not visit Zoek India and search for your next big career opportunity today? 

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