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Resume profile summary: What it is and how to write one to make the best impression

Published: Saturday 22nd August 2020

For all those who are seeking employment, a resume plays a vital role in the hiring process. This is the document that is put forth as your personal salesperson to be shortlisted for the next stage, interviews. Today, we are going to address the profile summary in a resume, which is often confused with the resume objective. It may not be common information, but hirers prefer to look at your resume profile summary over your career objective since it tells them about your stance as a professional.

By the end of this resume guide, you will be able to create a polished resume summary for experienced or fresher candidates. Without any further delay, let’s get into the basics!

Businessman or job seeker review his resume profile summary on his desk before send to finding a new job with pen, necktie, glasses and digital tablet.

What is a profile summary?

A resume profile summary is a compilation of your professional details that is a condensed version of your cover letter. Without any redundancy from your resume, a profile summary consists of important keywords that a hirer can go through and quickly decide whether your “profile” is a good fit for the job description up for recruitment. The goal of creating a simple yet crisp profile summary for freshers and experienced candidates is to display your competency and key qualifications in 50-70 words. Short as it is, this is your one chance to help the hirer understand that you are the best candidate for this job. 

The benefits of including a profile summary in a resume 

Several candidates only add a cover letter and resume objective, thereby giving their profile summary a skip. Some may not be aware of the inclusion of a resume summary. The truth is that a hirer receives thousands of resumes to sort through for a single or few job positions. When the competition is so high, it is essential to win over the hirer in the first few seconds, or else your resume lands in the rejected pile. The key to be instantly approved for an interview is saving the hiring staff’s time, which is exactly what a profile summary does. A profile summary for freshers is just as important as a profile summary for experienced professionals; you all possess skills that can be marketed and presented in a way that catches attention immediately, which then turns into a further inspection into your resume. Now that resume sorting has taken a virtual turn in several organizations, the algorithms are programmed to pick up specific keywords from your resume to be shortlisted. If your profile summary checks all the boxes of their keywords, you will be shortlisted. A resume summary makes it easy for a candidate to stand out from their competitors. 

Tips to write an impressive resume summary.

The Key to creating an effective resume summary is to follow a set format that includes all the essentials that a cover letter and career objective would. It has to be concise and articulate while incorporating all the necessary keywords that describe your expertise. Use the following tips to write fool-proof resume summary:

  • Conciseness: Short and sweet is the mantra for a profile summary. Mention only what is absolutely relevant and skip what isn’t. 
  • Job listing keywords: Read the job listing carefully and only include the keywords given in the job description. This will ensure that you make the best use of the limited words you have while leaving space for the next step.
  • Be future oriented: Show the company what you can bring to the table as their employee in the future. Include any major project successes to display your adeptness and capability so the hirer understands your accomplishments better. For hints into what the company is expecting, go through the job listings and see what the job demands. For instance, if the role is of a sales manager, write down achievements like sales generation in your last place of employment or any awards for exemplary sales.
  • Location: Where the profile summary is placed in your resume matters since it needs to catch instant attention. Please do not place the profile summary in the middle or end of your resume; instead, place it right at the top in the first page right above your work experience.

Apart from these tips, there are several profile summary in resume samples for your inspiration. There are several components to a great resume, which we are discussing in our jobseeker blogs. We hope our guide helps you create a stellar resume!

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