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How to writer a resume headline?

Published: Friday 21st August 2020

In the world of professionals, the first impression is not the last impression, but it sure does leave a huge impact. The resume headline is the first component of a resume that a hirer looks at, which makes it an important aspect to leave a lasting impression. A sloppy headline displays unprofessionalism and lack of concern for presentation, while a tight and crisp resume headline shows how polished and well-put-together a candidate is.

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If you are trying to improve your resume, you are at the right place! With our resume headline tips, you can secure your chances of being shortlisted!

Do not know where to start? Do not worry, we have you covered! In this blog, you will learn everything about resume headlines, our best tips to write one and a resume headline example to help you get started on your own. By the time you are done reading our  , you will understand the dos and don’ts of a headline.

With any further delay, let us get started.

What is a resume headline?

A resume headline is the title of your resume that gives a hirer basic details about you. Located at the top of a resume, the headline displays your name, resume title, contact details and social media handles.

Here is a summary to creating an effortlessly professional resume headline:

  • Add you personal contact information in the right sequence
  • Include your name, resume title, location, phone number, website, and email address
  • Add social media links only if the job description requires it (Media and digital marketing industries).
  • Use the right font and format to make it easily readable.
  • Do not name your resume “Resume”; start with your name right away.

Why is a resume headline important?

A resume headline makes work convenient for the hirer. Right from the first section of a resume, the hirer can understand whether the job title is a good match for the job being offered.

Format of a resume headline

Choose a format that displays your name, contact information and any clickable links clearly at the top of the page. Avoid choosing curly or quirky fonts and keep it simple. The colour themes are just as important, so pick solid colours that do not hurt the reader’s eyes. We suggest that you make use of colours associated with one’s profession for a better impression.

Here are the samples for great resume headline examples that we approve of.

What to include in an impressive resume headline?

To write an eye-catching resume headline, follow our simple guideline.

  1. Name: Your name is the most important aspect, so give it a big font.
  2. Job Title: Add a suitable job title that describes your work professionally in a word or two. Add your key license or certifications, if any.  For example, “Graphic Designer”, “Financial Analyst”, “Certified Anti-Money Laundering Expert”, and so on.
  3. Address: You can add your complete address or simply mention the region and state if you need to conceal it for privacy concerns.
  4. Contact Number: Add your professional contact number that is available to be reached during business hours and any alternate number if you have one.
  5. Email Address: Make sure you have a professionally named email address to mention on your resume (name.surname@example.com). Avoid listing goofy or personal ones as this does not leave a good impression. Do not list your current work email address.
  6. LinkedIn: Several hirers use LinkedIn to recruit candidates. In such a case add the link to your LinkedIn profile and make sure it is well updated.
  7. Website/ Portfolio: If your job description involves displaying an independent website or portfolio, add the link to the website.

What to skip in a resume headline?

  • Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram links
  • Height
  • Relationship status
  • Date of birth
  • Race or nationality
  • Religion or any political bias

Personal pronouns and resume headline for LGBTQI candidates: Businesses are shifting according to the increased awareness about the LGBTQI communities. In such instances, it is beneficial to mention your pronouns below your name in a smaller font.


Since a hirer does not know you personally to judge your expertise, your resume acts like a salesman to put your best face forward. The heading is not the only important aspect of a resume; read our jobseeker blogs to present a resume that increases your chances of an interview!

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