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Fresher interview hacks: The 10 most frequently asked questions with appropriate answers

Published: Sunday 30th August 2020

Interviews can be a daunting process for freshers.  If you’re someone who feels anxious before an interview, suffers from your mind freezing or blanking out during an interview, it is best that you prepare yourself well in advance. Practicing your approach to answering an interview questions for freshers in front of a mirror or a friend will do you wonders by boosting your confidence in the long run. This blog will help you take note of the ten most important interview questions for freshers so you can be prepared to answer them without missing a beat.

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 Without stalling any longer, let’s jump right into it!

 Tell us about yourself?

Ideal Answer: The interviewer wants to know the basics required to understand you as a candidate. Practice a self introduction pitch that brings the hirer up to speed with your name, age, location, academic and professional credentials as well as your work experience. If you have any extraordinary achievements like NGO work or independent ventures, mention them. Use our blog to prepare better on introducing yourself.

 Why did you apply for this position?

Ideal Answer: Convince the interview that you have done your research about their organization and your job profile. They want to know what you can achieve with the job position. Your answer can include how you can use your technical skills to contribute to a particular goal in the organization, as well as how your mission and vision is aligned with the organization’s.

Where do you see yourself in “n” years?

Ideal Answer: The interviewer wants to understand your vision of growth in the future, what you aim to learn with the organization and whether your vision involves staying with the organization. For instance, you can talk about how with consistency and dedication, you plan to elevate to a certain designation in the same organization, thereby marking your intent to stay with them for a long time.

Why should we hire you?

Ideal Answer: This is a good opportunity to summarize your professional skills, qualifications and potential to deliver tangible results. It is essential for the hiring team to be able to envision you delivering results and growing along with the organization. Reassure them that you would be a great match by stating common long-term goals and a keen interest to work on certain aspects that your job  designation involves.

What do you think are your greatest strengths?

Ideal Answer: Remember to show rather than tell. Speak of your strengths such as critical thinking, integrity or others, but also prove its validity by giving an instance where you have displayed and utilized them in real life, work or projects. No need to be a valiant knight; even the simplest of gestures can display immeasurable strength and good character.

What are your weaknesses?

Ideal Answer: The interviewer is gauging your authenticity. This is a question that needs to be answered carefully. You’re human and it’s not possible to have no weaknesses. However, don’t portray your weakness in a detrimental light. Speak about it with an instance where it helped so a better job because you’re working on overcoming it.

 Are you a team player?

Ideal Answer: Since you are most likely to be a part of a team in the organization, your group organization skills need to be appropriate enough to work with the members. You can tell them about your interpersonal skills, leadership, active listening, initiative, and collaboration skills from college or internship projects.

What is your approach to stress?

Ideal Answer: Since every job description involves some degree of stress, the hirer wants to understand your attitude towards stressful situations. You can narrate an incident in a college project, an internship or even your personal life where you were challenged to rise up to the occasion and overcome a stressful situation. Stay authentic and do not overshoot your experience by exaggerating or bluffing.

 Do you have any independent future goals?

Ideal Answer: This question is asked for the hirer to determine whether you intend to stay with the organization in the long term or would leave once you have acquired the required experience. Some organizations prefer to hire candidates who they can retain for a long term since they will be investing in training and fine-tuning their skills.

 What are your remuneration expectations?

Ideal Answer: Every employer has a cap on their payment capacity for freshers. This question is determined to figure out whether your expectations match their budget. Make sure to study the industry standard salary for freshers for the position you apply before you give an interview to give the best possible answer.

 We hope that the ten interview questions and answers for freshers help you to create your own approach to the process. Be mindful of not resorting to giving textbook or generic answers during an interview; use these questions as a guideline and create your own answers that speak of your skills and experience to ace interviews. Making a document with your questions and answers to keep practicing will help you heaps! For more career guidance, read our jobseeker blogs!

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