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Making your hobby, your career

Published: Sunday 26th July 2020

We all have something we love doing in our spare time. It could be gardening, painting, hiking, photography, or caring for animals. Whatever your hobby is, you’ll want to spend less time at work and more time doing what you love in your pastime. However, did you know you can concentrate on your hobby while making a living out of it? Of course this can be a lot more complicated than it appears. If you want to turn your favorite hobby into your career, you should plan on how to monetize your passion. Remember, this is a bold decision, and you’ll go all out on your own.

So, make sure you have a plan before you think of drafting that resignation letter. While you may have your hobby, can it sustain your daily lifestyle? That said, the following is a guide of how you can make your hobby your career!

Start small with your career

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When you decide to turn your hobby into a career, you have to make sure it will earn you money before moving forward. Remember, to get started, you’ll need some months of expenses saved up that don’t go to the startup costs to make sure you have enough to live on as you try to get things moving. If possible, begin working on your hobby while having a part time job to see if it’s worth going all-in on your passion. This is the time you’ll be gaining all the information you need to sort out your finances and budget. It’s worth noting that working two jobs can be exhausting, but It’s the best way you’ll make sure you are not only doing something you love but that it will also be sustainable.

To turn your hobby into your career, be innovative

If you want to professionalize your hobby, you’ll require an ounce of innovation. It’s not easy turning your hobby into a career unless you bring more imagination. You have to be more creative and figure out how you can expand your clientele, how to market what you do, and how you can adapt. Remember, just like job hunting; you will need lots of inventiveness and imagination to create a career out of your hobby. Learn as much as possible how you can innovate, keeping in mind regardless of how successful you get, brainstorming can only take you further.

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Prepare yourself to hustle

If you are thinking of turning your hobby into a career, then brace yourself to hustle. While the adage goes if you enjoy your job, you’ll never work a day in your life, you have to be persistent and committed to getting to that level. Keep in mind that just because your business revolves around your passion, it’s not guaranteed it will take off immediately. Likewise, at first, it might not be enjoyable or fulfilling. It’s the work you put in that determines where you’ll end up.

Have a plan

Your long-term goal is to turn your hobby into a career, so before you think much about it, you’ll need to create short-term goals. Determine where you want to be in about six months and figure out the specific steps that will help you get there. Having a clear plan is one of the best ways you can make your hobby your career effectively.

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