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Resume declaration: How to add one in a resume

Published: Sunday 13th September 2020

While building your resume and professional database, a candidate comes across several terms and jargons they don’t understand well. A resume declaration statement is running out of vogue and new candidates struggle to write one correctly. Rather than making mistakes and affecting the overall impact of your resume, it is better to be informed and do it right.

A job applicant showing resume declaration on her resume

This blog will tell you all you need to know about  declaration including how to write one with examples. Read below to know more.

What is a resume declaration?

A resume declaration is a 1-2 line statement that confirms the correctness of all the information you have provided in your resume. This claims that you have provided authentic and updated details to the best of your knowledge.

Why provide a declaration for resume?

A declaration helps the employer when they don’t personally know the candidate. Since they have to sort hundreds of resumes and profiles for their selection process, a declaration helps them to be assured of the initial authenticity of the candidate’s credentials. 

If in any circumstance there are defaults in the information mentioned in the resume, they can hold the candidate accountable to deception or even fraud, which is an actionable offence  according to company policy that invites immediate action.

When do you need to include a declaration?

resume declaration was mandatory in the past years, but we are seeing a decline in the usage of this statement as time progresses, since there are several ways to verify the authenticity of details provided in a resume. However, several circumstances still require a declaration, such as:

  • Interviewing for an Indian or other company where including declaration statements are still practiced.
  • Applying to a government agency or an educational institution.
  • Applying to a company that practices a formal application process.
  • Interviewing with a company that strictly follows a defined corporate hierarchy.

How to Write declaration for a resume?

Writing a declaration in resume is fairly easy once you understand what to include. Here are the steps to write your own resume declaration:

  • Vouch For The Correctness Of Information Stated: In this statement, you will vouch for the correctness and accuracy of all the details you have included in your resume, be it your qualification, skills or work experience. By writing a declaration statement you take responsibility for the information stated in your resume.
  • Mention The Date And Location: Insert the date when you add the declaration statement to the left-hand side of the page under the statement. As you keep updating your resume over the years, the date of your declaration needs to be updated as well. The date on a declaration shows when the last time was when you vouched for the information in your resume.
  • Seal The Declaration With Your Signature: the purpose of your official signature in a resume is to officiate the statement while claiming it as your own. In case the details have any default or discrepancy, you assume full accountability by signing the document. In the case of a PDF format resume, you can put a digital signature to complete the formalities.

Pattern for resume declaration

Your declaration should be written in the following pattern. To help, you can refer to more examples here.

  1. The statement of declaration
  2. Mention current date and location (aligned below the statement, towards the left side of the page)
  3. Your full name and signature (mentioned below the statement, toward the right side of the page)

Examples of declaration for resume profiles

Need prompts to help you out with writing your declaration? Here are a few examples for your reference.

  • All the information stated in this resume is true and accurate to the best of my belief and knowledge.
  • I hereby declare that all the details provided in this resume is verified and accurate. 
  • I solemnly declare that the details furnished above in this resume is free from error to the best of my knowledge.
  • I hereby declare that all the data included in this document is in accordance with facts to the best of my knowledge. I take complete responsibility for the accuracy of the said details.

Now that we’ve explained how to go about your resume declaration statement, you can easily write one for yourself. Apart from the declaration, there are several aspects of resume writing such as a resume profile summary and the length of a resume that you can learn from our jobseeker blogs. Zoek has all the tools for you to create a stellar resume that stands apart from the rest!

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