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Jobseeker guide: Telephonic interview tips to land a job in 2020

Published: Sunday 20th September 2020

Job seeking has changed dynamics in the years 2020, since the rules of social distancing and low capacity working spaces have been implemented. The onset of a global pandemic was a hard blow to the economy and business organizations at the start, but slowly, companies have learned how to work with this challenge. Since the majority of the staff including the Human Resources are working from home, any job interviews that you will face this year will be of telephonic nature primarily, which may next proceed into a video call interview during the later stages. 

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Telephonic interviews can work to a great advantage for you if you play your cards right and prepare yourself well. Our blog intends to list all the phone interview tips and tricks for you, so you can secure a sure-shot chance in the second round and eventually, a job.

Tips for a phone interview:

  • Make a checklist for reference: It is important that you do your research about the organization before the interview. Make a checklist of the things you consider important to be touched upon during your interview. You can also make small lists of your self introduction pitch and other questions so you don’t miss anything out.
  • Keep your resume around: Having your resume within arms reach during a phone interview is a handy trick. Since your interview will majorly be based upon the points mentioned in your resume, knowing where the interviewer’s questions are coming from will be of help to you when you answer them by connecting the degree, skill or accreditation.
  • Prep for taking notes: Taking notes during an interview is not a new concept because there are several points touched upon during the conversation. If the interviewer says something important, note it down. If a question pops up in your mind, write it down so you can ask the interviewer at the end of an interview.
  • Avoid facing interruptions: If you live with family or roommates, ask them to cooperate with you for the duration of this interview by avoiding interrupting you unless in cases of emergencies. If you have children or pets, ask your spouse or relatives to help in looking after them for a while.
  • Clear your room of other disturbances: If possible, have the room to yourself during an interview. Disturbances and disruptions like conversations in the background,children crying, loud pets and others kept at the minimum will help you focus better, and help the interviewer hear you well too.
  • Rescheduling is better than delays: In case, you are facing network and connectivity issues or other problems that may put you in a time crunch, it is better to reschedule by requesting the interviewer in advance, rather than having it cancelled due to a no-show.

Do’s during a phone interview:

  • Dress up formally. You will feel in a much more professional headspace.
  • Address the interviewer formally by their prefixes, unless they insist on being called by their first name.
  • Listen carefully and ask clarifying questions to avoid assumptions.
  • Take a moment to answer your question well rather than rushing into it.
  • Keep a glass of water by your side (away from the papers) in case you need it.
  • Take notes when necessary since telephonic interviews make it hard to keep track of the discussion.
  • Have your questions prepared for the interview so you can ask them once they open themselves to questions from you.
  • Practice using good etiquette.

Don’ts during a phone interview:

  1. Hesitate to ask the question to be repeated or clarified in case of confusion or inaudibility.
  2. Chew gums, smoke or be inebriated during an interview.
  3. Have a loud family talking over during an interview. Switch rooms so you have a quiet place.
  4. Interrupting the interviewer.
  5. Display arrogance during an interview.
  6. Making racist or political statements during an interview.

Interviews can make or break great career opportunities for you. If this blog about interview tips for phone calls helped you, our interview hacks to answer the big questions will be even more useful! Visit our job seeker blogs to learn more interviewing skills and more.

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