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Top 5 high demand jobs in India in 2020

Published: Friday 21st August 2020

It is 2020, and the future of the Indian economy is shifting with the changing dynamics of the global trends. Finding the right career that has scope to flourish in the future as well say pay well is quite a confusing process if you haven’t found your passion yet, but it’s quite normal.

If you are someone looking for career guidance to understand the best jobs which are high in demand in India, you’re at the right place. We will give you a clear understanding of the most popular high paying jobs in India.

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Here is a list of 5 high demand jobs in India:-

  1. Data Scientist: Being a data scientist is one of the best jobs in India as they help an organization to manage and process vast amounts of data they collected to find insights and trends that will help bring in more profits. In the upcoming years, this profession will be one of the high demand jobs due to revolutionary changes in technology.BE/ B.Tech Graduates or graduates with no coding experience can get a PG Diploma in Data Science from IIT-B or well-known institutes. The average package ranges between 4-12 LPA for beginners and 60-70 LPA for the experienced at organizations like Amazon, P&G, Walmart Labs, Grey Atom, and others.
  2. Blockchain Developer: This is one of the future demanding jobs in India that deals with revolutionary concepts of handling internet connectivity, currency transactions, data security and management to increase transparency and enable traceability. Blockchain developers eliminate old systems of intermediaries while reducing capital and resource expenditures by enhancing processing speed. With the severe lack of such professionals in the market currently, it makes one of the best choices of IT-based professions. There is a considerable demand for blockchain developers with packages up to 45 LPA once you reach a certain level of industrial experience. You’ll need to study B.Tech and have a recognizable degree/diploma in Blockchain Development.
  3. Machine Learning Expert: Machine Learning is one of the high demand jobs in India right now. Machine Learning is  the application of artificial intelligence where a system learns and evolves without programming. It is one of the highest paying jobs in India and the world. You can take up a course of post-graduate diploma in ML that teaches you R/Python, algorithms, statistics, probability, and basics of data science. The good news is, there are several recognized institutions such as IIT that provide excellent curriculum for you to make the most out of. The average package for Machine Learning experts ranges from 7-15 LPA for beginners and 27-50 LPA for the experienced at companies like IBM, Accenture, Zycus, Quantiphi, and others.
  4. Full Stack Software Developer: This professional manages the front and back-end of a software or website by providing top to bottom solutions. An understanding of database systems and coding is necessary for this job. You can stack (pun intended) your bachelors in IT with an accredited technological institution, online courses, or get a CDAC degree. A full-stack software developer can earn up to 15 LPA within 3-5 years of experience with their starting packages ranging between 7-8 LPA. There is a growing scope in this field and is perfect for dynamic coders.
  5. Product Management: This is one of the best jobs in India for strategy-oriented professionals with a flair for fantastic marketing, forecasting product lines, and feature definition skills to state a few. They understand the customer’s expectation from products and plan their approach accordingly in positions like Assistant Product Manager and Chief Product Officer, fetching an impressive package between 7-27 LPA. A management degree or a post-graduate diploma in product management will give you the theoretical knowledge required as an entry point in this profession.

This was our take on five high Demand jobs in India. Above everything, skill and expertise acquired in any field of interest can be cultivated to give high returns. There are several other high paying jobs from every industry that you can read about here. There is no shortcut to success; be it one of the most demanding jobs in India listed in this blog or an unconventional entrepreneurial venture, all of us have to keep learning and evolving to be in step with the challenges presented. We hope you used this as a guideline and learned something of value today; to read more of our hiring guides, visit our career guidance blogs!

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