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Top 5 tips to succeed in an interview

Published: Friday 7th August 2020

Job interviews make most people nervous because they do not know what to expect. By following some best practices when preparing to attend an interview, you can settle some of the jitters. Prior preparation makes you comfortable, eases tension and sets the mood right to face the hiring managers and their interview questions.

Do your research before attending the interview

Take time and find all the information you can gather about the firm. It also helps to settle in your mind that the job description advertised, suits what you’re looking for in the new placement. Some of the details to look for include: the latest growth and development the company is undertaking, the current financial status, their core values, and such other information.

The panelists might ask you a simple question like, why do you want this job? Your reply should include details of what you already know about them.

Female job seeker shaking hands with interviewer in interview, excitedly

Prepare questions to ask the interview panelists

Asking questions to your interviewer is not an awkward thing to do. It is, therefore, important to prepare well thought set of queries to pose to them. The questions should be objective to reveal your knowledge about the firm you want to work for.

Bring along a copy of your career resume

Slip a duplicate of your profile summary in your folder in case your interviewer misplaces their copy. Jolt down a few lines that sum up your accomplishments and aptitudes aligned to the job description. The profile summary should have a hint as to why you want this job. At a glance, your employer should be able to tell why you’re fit for the advertised position.

Be keen about body language

Non-verbal cues say what you don’t tell your interviewer. It could be the interview question the recruiter needs to observe rather than ask. Maintain eye contact, an upright posture, wear a smile, nod to show approval, and the like. These gestures keep you at ease and exude confidence.

Arrive in time for the interview

candidates waiting to enter an interview.

Get to the interview at least 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. This helps familiarize yourself with the environment and helps boost your mood as the jitters subside. Arriving late reflects poorly on you. The last interview question you want to be asked is why you got late. Should you run late, call on the first indicator of trouble it shows respect for other people’s time.

Write an appreciation letter

Only a handful of interviewees take the time to appreciate the recruiter for the opportunity extended to them. Follow up your interview with a thank you letter. Doing so reveals your interest in the firm. It also communicates your character as someone who’s keen to details and further explains why you want this job. Moreover, maintaining the right attitude throughout your job interview is crucial and can be the game-changer in your job search.

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