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Interview hacks: The top 5 most crucial time management interview questions and answers

Published: Thursday 1st October 2020

In any aspect of life, time management is one of the most essential skills that a person can learn to master. The same applies to your work life as time management will help you achieve the accolades you strive towards more efficiently. During recruitment drives, hirers have a throng of hiring questions and answers for you where you will be tested hypothetically as well as situationally. If you want to crack these time management interview questions and answers, our blog is the right place for you to be.

Image of a confident man managing multiple task accordingly to manage the best of time

Today, we will discuss the 5 most important time management questions and answers that can be asked to any candidate at interviews.

To know how to handle them like a true professional, read on.

Time management:

If you are wondering how you will recognize these interview questions and answers, these will be slipped to you in between conversations, where they can understand whether you respect your time and that of the others. Time management questions and answers also give recruiters an idea about how efficiently you can delegate your time to achieve a balanced approach to your profession. There is a saying which states that for some, even 24 hours is not enough time and for some 24 hours is all the time they need.

Which one are you going to portray yourself as to recruiters? To help you with the interview questions, we will help you by addressing the 5 essential time management interview questions and answers, given below. 

Why is time management important to you?

What the interviewer wants to understand here is if you respect the value of your time enough to understand what to focus on. As a professional, you will be required to multitask and juggle several projects simultaneously and deciding which projects get your attention for a designated amount of time will help you efficiently handle them all without making compromises.

Your answer can sound like, “Time management is important to me because it helps me put my focus on things that need my immediate attention. I can complete all my tasks without rushing myself if I manage my schedule and plan it well.”

How do you prioritize your tasks?

The interviewer asks this question to understand how you operate professionally. When faced with multiple clients and deadlines, time management is crucial so all of them get completed as per the plan while retaining the quality and your own peace of mind.

Your answer can sound like, “I usually create a list of the tasks from the most to least important as per their priority and deadlines. Then, I choose to tackle the hardest task of the day head on first things first, so my resistance to lean into a challenge reduces, allowing me to complete the other tasks on the list quickly.”

How do you use your time when away from work?

This question inquires about your work life balance and how you treat time outside of work. You can state how you spend time pursuing your hobbies, holistic health, getting rest, and spending time with family. Also mention activities such as reading or any course you may have taken up to increase your knowledge or stay updated.

How do you manage your deadlines?

Employees who complete their work in a panic are most likely to burn out, which is a trait of lack in time management. The interviewer wants to know how your schedule allows you to complete all your deadlines on time at work.

Your answer can include your time management tricks and an instance where you rose to the challenge.  

How do you cope with stress at the workplace?

Stress at workplaces comes with the job description and is unavoidable. However, the way you respond to it can be controlled. What the employer wants to know is how you relieve stress (meditation, exercising or any other recreational activity) after work, and your tactics used to segregate work from your personal life.

Your answer can include your ideologies behind a profession needing to be left at the door while giving yourself time to cool off if you get overwhelmed.

We hope that with our cues and answering tips, you will be able to master these time management questions and answers skillfully. To read more about our interview questions such as explaining working gaps and salary negotiation during a pandemic, visit our job seeker blogs today.


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