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Top 5 popular job sectors in India 

Published: Sunday 26th July 2020

India is a land of diversity which is not just reflected in its culture, but the job sectors too. From the government jobs sectors to many thriving private sectors, the country offers splendid career opportunitiesThe skills and qualifications required for finding work in each of these sectors are different. It’s thus essential to have an understanding of the requirements of the job sectors and what it has to offer. Here is a list of the 5 most popular job sectors in India.

Government sector is among the most popular job sectors in India

Government jobs are one of the most- sought after career paths for Indian job-seekers for decades. Job security, high remunerations, medical benefits, promotions are some remarkable advantages of a Sarkari job. Competitive exams are conducted at regular intervals for selecting employees and individuals can apply for it depending on qualification. Some of the most promising career choices in the Sarkari job sector are jobs in ministries, banks, and PSU’S. Another brilliant choice in this sector is railway jobs that come with perks like residential quarters and priority ticket orders. With numerous vacancies every year, railway jobs offer amazing employment opportunities to job aspirants. 

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Information Technology

The booming industry of Information technology attracts myriad job seekers in India. From software engineering,  web designing, database management, to computer system analysts, there are many fruitful career opportunities in this sector. Flexible work schedule, growth prospects, high salaries, and a great working environment makes Jobs in IT Sector popular. Indian tech giants like Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, HCL, etc provide lucrative career choices to IT professionalsFurther, the presence of MNC’s like Google, IBM, Microsoft, etc have taken the IT job scenario to the next level. IT job aspirants throng cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune to give a boost to their career. 

Data Entry jobs

Data entry jobs are one of the most popular choices for work from home job seekers. The ease of doing it, unlimited income opportunities, flexible timings make it a remarkable option.  This is one of those jobs, the demand for which is expected to surge soon. Besides entering data into database, these jobs may also involve transcribing data from a voice source like a recording. It does not require any specific qualification and one with good typing speed can do well in this field. However, accuracy and attention to detail are an inevitable part of data entry jobs. Whether you are planning to work part-time for additional income or as a full-time freelancer, this is an amazing choice.

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Accountancy is among the most popular job sectors in India

If there is one job that will never go out of demand, it has to be of a chartered accountantThere are numerous career choices in this field and individuals can even set up their own business. Even a challenging curriculum and rigorous internship don’t lower its popularity as it’s a tremendously rewarding career path. A chartered accountant is capable of managing crucial fields of finance like auditing, taxation, and accounting. Whether in private or government jobs, almost every company requires a chartered accountant. With many new start-ups emerging in India, the present and future of accountant jobs looks very promising

Sarkari Army jobs 

The prestigious opportunity to serve the country makes Sarkari army jobs among the most popular job sectors in India. The facilities like accommodation, pension, access to the army canteen, medical benefits, travel discounts, etc also make these jobs worthwhile. In this field, there are various career options to choose from like Infantry, engineering, nursing, education officer, etc.  Although the Sarkari army jobs come with its share of challenges, the respect a soldier gets outweighs them. 

You can select private or government jobs based on financial security, professional growth, or work-life-balance. Apply for jobs in the most popular job sectors in India on Zoek and enjoy a rewarding career!

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