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Top 5 tips for working from home

Published: Thursday 6th August 2020

If you’re working from home by design or by choice, getting the hang of it comes with a struggle. No matter how much you try to find job motivation, and get started, distractions from the children, a pet, or a neighbor never seem to end. These tips should help you master the art of working from home successfully and improve your work-life balance!

Create a working from home daily schedule

Set the alarm to wake you up as you do on workdays. Take a bath, brush your teeth, do your morning jog or whatever defines the start of a new day for you. Remember to dress up to for the office going to work in your pajamas is a no-no.

Prepare a workspace before working from home

To get work done, you must have a comfortable place to set up your office. You can convert a spare room into an office. Create shelves where you can place your laptop for your online jobs and other related tasks. Recreate your office in your home by placing a mat for your coffee mug, a framed picture, and other office essentials. Get a comfortable seat and a desk because you’ll be using your new office daily.

Lay ground rules for those around you

Man working from home with laptop and smiling at camera.

Take time to have your children, roommates or significant other understand that they ought to respect your working time. Set boundaries and offer options as to what they should do if they must interrupt you during the day. This will help you focus on your online jobs, engage in team communication with your colleagues without unnecessary interruptions.

Develop a to-do list while working from home 

To keep abreast of your daily tasks, deadlines, and priorities, make a to-do list on every morning. Doing so helps you to break down your work into daily goals and helps you to work objectively. Use a diary and a calendar to help you schedule or note tasks that need to be done. As such, you’ll not neglect or forget all that needs to be done. Working in this manner helps you find fulfillment.

Remember to have regular breaks

Boost your job motivation and energy levels by leaving your seat to stretch and breathe the fresh air outside. Working from home means there’s plenty of food and drinks to replenish your energy and increase productivity. Take plenty of water, fruits, and vegetables.

work from home word concept on paper note with pencil.

Establish some ground rules for yourself

Working from home means your overbearing supervisor is not around to watch you do what you must do. Job motivation while working from home should be intrinsic. So discipline yourself to keep off social media. This is an excellent time-suck for most people, and unless you deliberately set rules for yourself, you’ll often be distracted. Team communication should be done according to the regulations set by your employer.

Working from home can give you job motivation, just like working in a regular office up. It is fulfilling when you receive online jobs and engage your clients, boss, or teammates in meaningful ways though apart physically.

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