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What is a job consultancy

Published: Friday 24th July 2020

As a job seeker, there are benefits of incorporating the use of a job consultancy during the search process. One of the many advantages of it, is that it makes your job search faster. Before going into details of how a job consultancy is used to help job seekers, it is important to give the basic meaning of a job consultancy.

Job consultancy is the use of experts in a field of study to get jobs in that vertical. These experts serve as the middleman between industries seeking for employees and candidates seeking employment. This implies that job consultancy is for the advantage of both job seekers and companies.

A lot of job consultants keep popping up each day, but you as a job seeker would have a fast job search and a suitable job if you seek the service of a good job Consultant. Companies hiring employees would have access to the right candidates for the job when they get to use competent job consultants. A good consultant would have good communication skills. He or she must also have a deep knowledge of the industry. This would be useful during the screening process.

Confident businessmen sitting by table during consultation. Job consultancy concept.

The role of job consultancy for companies

It has been earlier mentioned that companies hiring can benefit greatly from this service. This is because job consultants have access to databases with many job seekers, thus raising awareness of vacancy availability to a larger number of people.

The higher the number of people getting to know about such vacancies, the higher the number of qualified candidates applying for them. It doesn’t stop there; there is a reduction in the stress involved in the companies hiring new employees. Job consultants go as far as conducting candidate screening before sending the successful applicants for interviews. Most companies and organizations today are in the habit of making use of this service when recruiting.

The role of Consultants for job seekers

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Searching for jobs abroad and even within your State of residence could be one of the stressful things to do. As a job seeker, how many companies and organizations do you know exist or that you can come in contact with. You wouldn’t even know when they would need the services of any particular area of specialization. This is where job consultancy comes in for you as a job seeker. All you need to do is to provide your database to job consultancy agencies that specialize in your area of study. You will get notified when vacancies you are qualified for are available for application. Your chances of getting a job are on the high side with the use of job Consultants.

The role job consultancy plays in providing manpower for companies as well as providing jobs for people cannot be ignored. They serve a very good purpose for both parties.

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