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The key to answering, “why should we hire you?”-interview question tips 2020

Published: Saturday 22nd August 2020

Interviews can be a daunting process for several. The rounds of questionnaires are designed to test your critical thinking, knowledge, preparation, and confidence. After the most anxiety-inducing question, “Tell us about yourself”, there is yet another question “why should we hire you”? which needs to be answered with tact and precision.

A business manager asking the applicant Why Should We Hire You in her office

The million-dollar hiring question, “Why should we hire you?” may seem simple and innocent enough. However, this is one of those answers which will make or break your interview. The answer is obvious: You should hire me because I am the right person for the job. So, how can you say this with more eloquence? This question is meant to test a candidate’s wit and sense of self. In this blog, you will learn how to answer this question every single time, no matter how many interviews you attend.

Different paraphrases, same question

There are several ways for an interviewer to ask you why you should be the one who they hire. Some of the rephrased questions may sound like the ones below:

  1. What makes you the best match for this job?
  2. Why should you be hired and not the other candidates?
  3. What sets you apart from the other candidates we interviewed today?
  4. Why do you think you are a good fit for this job?
  5. You have a gap in your employment history, why should we hire you?
  6. Your scores in XYZ degree are inconsistent; why do you think you are the best candidate for our firm?

As you will notice, the questions progressively became more intimidating and complex. Some of them demand a comparison to be drawn, while the other point at what seem like flaws in your record. When the heat is turned a notch up, how do you answer with such composure that the hirers have no choice but to pick you? Let us help you with our tips.

Why is it such a popularly asked question?

By asking this question, the interviewer wants to know a few things, namely:

  1. Your confidence.
  2. Presence of mind and grace to handle tense situations.
  3. Turning flaws into constructive superpowers by taking accountability.

When the interviewer asks you this question, they are looking for a confirmation that they have chosen the correct candidate for the job. What they are expecting out of an answer is to:

  1. Assure them that you can deliver on your commitments with exceptional skill
  2. Prove to them that you are equipped with the right skill set to handle whatever challenges you are faced with in this job.
  3. Confirm that hiring you will be a good decision for the team as a whole.

Dos and don’ts

Like every question asked, there are dos and don’ts to be followed while answering “Why should we hire you?” for freshers and experienced candidates both. Here are some pointers for you to be mindful of while answering this question.


  • Keep it short and focused.
  • Give clarity.
  • Emphasize on your skills and strength.
  • Emphasize on the value you can add to the organization.
  • Use examples or past achievements of solved problems.
  • Have a humble yet confident approach.
  • Display the capability of being a team player.
  • While comparing yourself with other candidates, elevate your value without putting the others down or devaluing their achievements.


  • Exude overconfidence and cockiness.
  • Express superiority and arrogance while comparing your value to the other candidates.
  • Rat out answers learnt and memorized from the internet.
  • Lie about your experiences or achievements.

Traits of the perfect answer to “why should you be hired?”

Even though there is no one –size fits all of an answer to this question, you can adopt the following traits that reflect how you are worthy of being hired. We encourage you to take a look at these “Why should we hire you” best samples and then make your own, since a genuine answer will always shine through. Among all the samples that you read; you will notice the following traits in common.

  • Achievements in your professional life that have shaped you to be the best fit.
  • Virtues of integrity and honesty.
  • The usefulness of your skills if you were to contribute to the organization.

We hope that you took some valuable lessons from this blog. Zoek’s learning hub is focused on providing quality content to prepare candidates to give their best in their professional life and shine their unique light.

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