2,738 Android Developer Jobs in India

There are 4234 Android Developer jobs live on Zoek right now! With opportunities across various industry categories including IT, there are plenty to pick from to suit your preferences. The majority of Android Developer jobs available for you to apply for are in Bangalore North. Keep your eyes peels for adverts posted by Placement India as they have the largest number of Android Developer jobs at the moment.\r\n Search and apply from over 4234 part-time Android Developer jobs that are available now.
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Android development is all about building UIs and understanding how users interact with them. It is about creating experiences that users enjoy. Working as an Android developer will help you gain extensive knowledge about programming and material design guidelines. Some of the general duties an Android developer needs to fulfill include:

  • Build and designing Android applications.
  • Coordinate with the design and the testing team to develop better products with fewer bugs.
  • Working with different API and data sources
  • Evaluating and discovering new technologies

Since Android comes under the technical domain, it requires sound technical expertise. Students from non-science backgrounds can also become Android developer jobs. However, they need to have studied Maths till class 12th and had IT as a subject.

A graduate degree in B. Tech Computer Science Engineering/IT, B.Sc. /Computer Application/IT or BCA is a must for Android developer jobs in India. You can also do certificate courses in Android development to secure higher packages.

With organizations like Google relying on Android development to bolster their business growth, there are several jobs in this domain. Your qualification, skills, and experience are the major factors that will impact your professional growth and pay. Over the years, you can rise up to be a senior developer and manage big projects.

An entry-level Android developer salary would be between 2,00,000-3,50,00 per annum. Mid-level Android developers can earn between 5,00,000- 9,00,000 per annum. Whereas senior-level android developers can earn between 10,00,000- 13,00,000 per annum.

Since Android development is an emerging career field, job security is great. You need not worry about this domain getting extinct. Phones, tablets, watches, cars, kiosks, and nearly everything with a screen have gone through the hands of an Android developer. Moreover, you can work from the comfort of your home with a good laptop and internet connection. As you gain experience, you can side gigs and increase your income substantially.

However, there are certain negatives to working in the Android development field too. You will need to bear with terrible app ideas from your clients and even friends. Moreover, you will be stalked on LinkedIn by recruiters who can disturb your daily schedule. Also, long hours on computer screens are bound to affect your eyesight and even lead to chronic headaches. You might need to download tons of apps on your phone, and Android fragments can become overwhelming.

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