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15,383 Jobs in Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and located 273-km south-west of Delhi. A UNESCO world heritage site, the region attracts many tourists each year. Famous for its arts and crafts, as well as luxury manufacturing, such as fine-cut jewellery, goods from Jaipur are exported around the globe.

Jaipur’s local economy is made up of both traditional and emerging sectors. Many people can be found working in sectors such as manufacturing, tourism and retail. However, a number of emerging sectors have also begun to appear, with an increasing number of employers and jobs existing in IT and business services. Continued business and infrastructure investment are attracting more and more companies to the region. Read on to learn about the biggest employers in Jaipur, as well as emerging sectors and career prospects.

Over 15,000 companies operate in and around Jaipur, helping to create a healthy and varied local job market. Many of these companies operate in the important local tourism industry. As such, there are often many tourist-related positions to choose from. These can include everything from hotel workers and tourist guides to tourism operators. Tourism contributes approximately 15% of the region’s total GDP, with an estimated 10% of the city’s workforce working in a job related to this sector.

Building on this, numerous emerging sectors have begun to appear in and around Jaipur. To promote this and attract more jobs and employers in Jaipur, newly formed Special Enterprise Zones has been created. These zones have helped to create many new jobs in Jaipur, with a growing umber of start-ups appearing in the region.

There are many reasons why more people can be found living and working in Jaipur. Firstly, its many attractions and place to visit means you will likely have many things to do when not working. Next, average salaries in the region are generally higher than the national average, whilst the cost of living is still competitive.

Jaipur is also considered one of the top cultural destinations in the whole of India and boasts a variety of arts and music events throughout the year. The region’s strong and varied economy is one of the main reasons why many people are living and working in Jaipur. As is the diversity of local industries, good career prospects and opportunity to work for a foreign-based company.

Numerous large, traditional employers can still be found operating in and around Jaipur. These, combined with new, emerging sectors such as IT, are helping to create a healthy job market that continues to attract investment. Infrastructure investment has led to an increase in construction jobs in the region, whilst tourism and jewellery production are also large employers in and around Jaipur.