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As the major contributor to the economy of the country, Kochi offers employment opportunities in almost every sector. The city has been ranked as the top future megacity of the country, according to a recent study. The shipbuilding industry remains the most important sector in the city, employing thousands of individuals every year. The Cochin Shipyard, undertaken by the Government is one of the largest shipbuilding facilities in the country.

The chemical industry, retail industry, and oil refinery are other key employers in Kochi, hiring a large workforce across different job roles. As the city is a popular tourist destination, the tourism and hospitality sectors are responsible for creating many jobs in Kochi.

Owing to the strong economic fundamentals and growth in infrastructure, many other sectors have flourished in the city, thus adding to the total number of jobs in Kochi. Some of these include IT, trade, construction, spices and seafood export, healthcare services, and banking, among others.

Kochi is regarded as one of the most dynamic and diversified economies in the country, generating employment opportunities in various sectors. From shipbuilding and machinery to finance and tourism, the city boasts of many important sectors. Owing to the fast-growing economy of the city and the easy availability of job options, people consider working in Kochi a great choice for their careers.

People working in Kochi can also benefit from the availability of infrastructure, education, healthcare facilities along with the booming service and financial sectors. Kochi is one of the few cities with a seaport, airport, and metro connectivity that offer convenience when travelling in and around the city.

Being one of the strongest economies in the country with high-tech industries, Kochi boasts of great employment opportunities for freshers and experienced alike. While shipbuilding, machinery, and construction are the prominent industries, other sectors like manufacturing, trading, retail, and export have developed at a rapid pace.

IT and IT-enabled goods are also gaining momentum in the city after the establishment of the InfoPark. This park houses many offices of world-renowned IT-firms, offering ample jobs in Kochi.

Oil refinery, chemical industry, and trading are other important sectors in the city, generating numerous jobs in Kochi.

Apart from this, the export of spices and seafood is primarily done from Kochi. The city is home to the Spice Board of India and the International Pepper Exchange, from where species are traded across the world. Fishing is also a leading business in the city.

Other major businesses and crucial employers in Kochi include tourism, hospitality, trade, real estate, health services, and banking.

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