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One employment sector that has developed in recent years in Kolkata is the warehousing industry. Some of the largest aerospace and logistics companies in India have invested heavily in the region. As such, many new jobs in Kolkata exist in the warehouse and logistics industries. Showing no sign of slowing down, industrial growth remains healthy in many industries in the area.

Kolkata also boasts a bustling manufacturing industry, producing goods that include everything from textiles to tobacco. Tea remains one of region’s main exports, with the official Tea Board of India located in the city and providing many jobs in Kolkata.

As with many other cities across India, IT has grown into one of the biggest and most important employers in Kolkata. There are approximately 70 IT-related companies hiring in the city. Kolkata is also home to the fastest-growing tourism industry in India. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the region each year, helped by the presence of the local international airport. Such connectivity has led to a surge in the number of foreign companies providing jobs in and around Kolkata.

One of the biggest advantages of living and working in Kolkata is the region’s low cost of living. Despite it being the third richest city in the country, cost of living is the lowest of any major metropolitan area in India. Strong infrastructure, as well as good hospitals and excellent transport links, make Kolkata a great choice for many. The city’s blend of traditional and modern has helped to create a vibrant, sustainable local economy, with investment in the region continuing to increase.


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